Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mudpie Girls Night Out

Last night I got a break from birthday-party-planning duty to hang out with some girlfriends! Julee, Courtney, and Susan among others & I met up to get some dinner first.

My neighbor Tiffany & I waiting for our dinner.

My other neighbors Shannon & Laurie & Laurie's friend (far left) waiting for dinner as well. We didnt luck out with quick service! Haha!

We got dinner to-go & brought it over to Mudpie. We booked the place for the night after they closed & had it all to ourselves!

We had a great turnout of friends & neighbors. We each picked out a ceramic item/dish to paint & then Mudpie does the rest!

I picked a salad plate to make nice decorative Christmas plate to display. I tried to take pictures as I went along. I sponged on the blue first. 

Then painted a snowman! I was sooo nervous the whole time. I'd never painted a dish before & I just knew I'd mess it up. Haha! I think I did pretty good though. This isnt the final picture. I put arms on him & snowflakes around & a rim to make it look like it's a snowglobe. I cant wait to pick it up in a few weeks! This was definitely a much-needed night with girlfriends & I hope we do it again soon!

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Rosie said...

That looks like so much fun!