Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Monday Dance Class

Yesterday was Rylie's last dance class being in the Monday group. Next week we'll be switching school to Monday, Wednesday, Friday & we'll be in the Tuesday dance class with her friend Charlotte!

We're sad we wont see our other friends on Mondays anymore, but we're looking forward to the new school schedule!

These were the only photos I got of all 3 of Rylie's friends! haha

Best shot of the class. Rylie walking on her tippy-toes with her hands up like a ballerina. I've gotta say, after these first few weeks, all the girls looked like pros today! They even started an actual little routine today called Sugar-something Teddy Bear? I forgot the name already! lol But it's cute & they'll be doing the same lessons in the Tuesday class as well.

Then they ended with some cute twirling around the room!

Rylie gave some sweet friends hugs goodbye after class & we brought them all some Halloween treats this week too since we might not see them for awhile. It's so different now having all the kiddos in different school schedules. Times sure were easier when we all just had the same Kindermusik class & that was it! lol

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