Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr Update, Library, Playground

We got the phone call today from Rylie's Dr with the details on her heart tests. It's scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30am. So she's going to have to miss dance, but I'm glad it's not a school day. They've got her down for a whole slew of things. I actually need to wake her up about 5 or 6 am & get her good & tired so she'll sleep during the EKG part of it. I havent been stressing about all this until I spoke to the Dr about the details. It's kind of nerve-wrecking. We're really keeping positive though that everything will turn out ok! Thanks so much for the encouragement from friends/family standing by us. We really appreciate it!

This morning I took Rylie to the library. We havent been in awhile, since she switched school schedules, so we wanted to try the Thursday storytime today. Funny story on the way there (picture taken at red light)-Rylie always requests her favorite songs to play on CD. Today she kept asking for the song she calls "Holy, Holy, Jesus." I dont know the real name of it, but has a lot of "holy" in it & Rylie's sang along before, but she added the "Jesus" part on her own. I thought that was sweet =) The song comes on KSBJ 89.3 all the time.

We met Rylie's friend Raegan at the library today & this storytime was completely different from our usual Wednesday class we've always gone to. In this class, all the kids sit in the middle of the floor, they immediately start off reading stories (no singing songs =( boo!) which ended up being 3 stories today, and then they did the "Hokey Pokey" song (pictured above). Lots of kids came dressed in their costumes which was cute. Rylie's in the green shirt on the left by the way.

They did make a cute monster craft after reading books all about monsters.

Raegan & Rylie working on their crafts. They made a new friend "Snow White" next to Raegan too. As soon as she walked in with her costume on, Rylie & Raegan were mesmerized! lol They just loved that "Snow White" joined them at the library. hehe

Rylie with her monster craft & Raegan & Snow White before we headed out to lunch (with the cow lol)!

After Rylie's nap, her friend Carter invited her out to play. We were thrilled for the invite & decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had today & go to our playground down the street.

Carter bug!

Going down the slide!

We decided our girls will be engineers when they grow up ;-)

Rylie had to go down the "big" slide a few times before we left. Then I had to pry her off it & drag her to the car kicking and screaming. Oh my. It was just so hot after being there almost an hour and a half! We're looking forward to the slight cool front coming our way!

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