Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Parade

Yesterday was Rylie's school Halloween party! Rylie had been looking forward to it all week & was even too excited to nap before it started.

I was extra excited about this party because last year she'd just started school the week of the party & we were only told the party started at 3:30. We didnt know there was a costume parade before the party & were bummed to miss it. This year we were early for the parade to make sure we didnt miss it! lol

David really wanted to make it to the parade & party, but wasnt able to, but he asked me to get video for him. Here's Rylie's class doing their costume parade! Arent they just the cutest bunch?!

And here's a few photos in case you cant view the video. 

"Where's my Mommy?"

"There you are!"

Time for the party with yummy snacks!

I guess being out of the water makes Ariel extra thirsty! hehe

And here's another little video of Rylie at the party eating her snack!

Hope you all have a happy & safe Halloween!

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