Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday at the Playground with Cady

Wednesday afternoon Rylie & I met up with our friends Cady & Courtney.

We tried out a new playground neither of us had been to yet. There were a lot of different fun things for them to play on.

It's hard to see from this picture, but Rylie climbed up this ladder-type thing. It looked pretty advanced so I was proud of her!

This picture was so cute. Cady found 2 pinecones & wanted to give 1 to Rylie. Rylie was holding these 2 gumball-lookinng things (at least that's what Courtney & I called them! ha!) so she didnt want a pinecone & Cady just looked as us like "why isnt she accepting my gift to her?"

Then Cady chased Rylie trying to give her a pinecone. lol

Rylie had such a fun time with Cady!

It was perfect weather for an afternoon play

Both girls climbing up to the slide! Cady was a pro on the rock wall. Rylie...had some trouble over there! lol

After an hour of play it was time to head home so Cady gave Rylie her birthday present. She cant make it to Rylie's party this weekend so that's why we met up for the girls to play a little.

Rylie was SO excited for this little Ariel castle! She wanted to open it RIGHT AWAY. lol Took some convincing to get her to let it go so we could bring it home to open & play!

She gave her girlfriend a hug & said Thanks & we headed home to play with Ariel's castle. Thanks for meeting up with us Courtney & Cady! We had fun!

Rylie is SO excited for her party! She's been crazy ecstatic all week & talking about it nonstop. Mommy's a little ready to have it over by now. lol But at the same time I dont want her turning 3!

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