Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Girl Class at School

Rylie had her 1st day in her new classroom yesterday. She's now in the Preschool classroom for ages 3-4. Her school moves kids up by age right now, but next year it'll be based on the school calendar. She has a whole new class, teacher, curriculum, playground, and schedule right now. So this was a big change for us. She's now going to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but only half days 8:30-12:30. They only offer half days starting at this age or else we would've done this sooner. They do give her lunch though before I pick her up & bring her home to nap. So I'm glad she'll be napping at home now where I'll know she's getting a full nap in. She was having a hard time napping at school & would be soooo cranky come 6pm! So far she likes her new class. She's already working on writing her numbers all by herself & brought home a paper on it so we've been doing "homework" practicing that.

And for fun here's a comparison between today's 1st day of school picture & her 1st day in Early Preschool last October! She doesnt look any taller, but she still looks more mature!

And here's Rylie today & Rylie back in May on her 1st day of Early Preschool II. Not much difference but I just love comparing photos!

I cant believe my baby's turning 3 exactly one week from today!!!

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~Shelly~ said...

She has really grown! I hope she likes her new class!