Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Big Day Turning 3

Rylie had a great day yesterday! We had a lot of fun-filled things planned for her & she enjoyed it all! We usually wake her up by singing Happy Birthday, but she was so excited she woke up early & then got us up!

First we went to dance class. Daddy took off work to spend Rylie's birthday as a family & I'm glad he got to see her dance class!

We stopped first at Shipley to get her a special treat for breakfast!

Her sweet friends at dance wished her a Happy Birthday!

And her teacher Miss Taylor gave her a cute birthday certificate.

Then we went home & changed out of our dance clothes & headed into town.

We stopped first at Mimi's work to say hi to everybody! Rylie wore her special Ariel birthday outfit again (we went through a lot of trouble to get it, so we're gonna get full use out of it! lol). They were sweet to sing Rylie Happy Birthday & she loved seeing them! 

Mimi joined us for taking Rylie to lunch. She requested mac 'n cheese so we ate at Fish City Grill. So good! She loved her mac!

Then we stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes-finally! Everytime we drove by on a weekend, they still had a long line out the door. We figured on a Tues they shouldn't be too bad and we were right! It was completely empty.

And when you 'Like' them on Facebook they post secret phrases throughout the day you can whisper in the store & get free cupcakes. It's always been a mission of mine to get a free cupcake that way. Well, mission accomplished! We all 3 whispered the phrase & got all 3 cupcakes free yesterday! And they were AMAZING!

After cupcakes, we took Rylie to the Aquarium in Downtown Houston!

Her little world was so lit up to see Dori & Nemo! She could've stayed there all day just watching them swim around.

She first went to this Aquarium when she was only 4 months old, but obviously enjoyed it more this go around.

Some of the bigger fish scared her a little & this tank had some crawfish that she called "spiders" & "bugs". She'd hold her hand up to something she didnt like & say "Stand right there. Dont move." lol

I had to put this picture on here. It's too funny! I just raised her up in this scuba mask for Daddy to take a picture real fast & here's how it came out!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I love it! haha We had to take another shot at it though!

Scuba Rylie!

Then we saw the "big meow" as she called the tiger. She loved seeing that!

And take a souvenir photo! This was her big "rawr" like the Tiger was doing. We didnt need anything from the gift shop so we skipped that & went outside.
Rylie saw the lighthouse! Daddy rode this real quick.

Then we rode the train-Rylie's favorite thing all day I think! It stopped for awhile under this shark tunnel & that was neat to watch.

Then Rylie rode the "horsy" which was really a fish! ha!

And we all rode the ferris wheel too. 

Next to the carousel we saw this little octopus shaped moonwalk & it was empty so we let Rylie jump in it for awhile. That was a nice surprise for her! She's been asking for the moonwalks back since her party ended. lol

They still had the water fountains going out front too, but we didnt know that so we didnt bring Rylie's swimsuit. We also didnt expect it to be 90-something today either! We got a cute photo taken out front & then headed home. Rylie of course conked out right away in the car. We got home & she rested for a little while. Then she rode her bike out front with some of her friends.

Last night we ate dinner & she got to open her presents from Mommy & Daddy.

Reading her card!

We usually get her little special momento things for her birthday instead of toys. And take her somewhere special too as part of her gift. I'd seen this cute collector's Ariel on a carousel seahorse figurine at a store months ago & just knew it had Rylie's name all over it! Especially with her just riding on the carousel earlier in the day, she was ecstatic to open this gift. It's something she can keep forever & remember this special part of her life.

She also got a Sebastian stuffed animal! She already had a plush Ariel & the Flounder from the garage sale, so I was excited to find this Sebastian just last week. She immediately held it in her hands (pictured above) & gave it a kiss just like Ariel did on the movie right after she gets her legs & Sebastian agrees to help her win over the Prince! Rylie loves that part of the movie!

It was a great day for all of us! Exhausting, but we all enjoyed it!

Thank you all for sending Rylie sweet birthday wishes yesterday too! She really appreciated each & every one of them & it meant a lot to us that yall thought of our birthday girl!

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Rosie said...

What a fun day! I LOVE the Scuba picture!