Saturday, October 30, 2010

Costume Parade

Yesterday was Rylie's school Halloween party! Rylie had been looking forward to it all week & was even too excited to nap before it started.

I was extra excited about this party because last year she'd just started school the week of the party & we were only told the party started at 3:30. We didnt know there was a costume parade before the party & were bummed to miss it. This year we were early for the parade to make sure we didnt miss it! lol

David really wanted to make it to the parade & party, but wasnt able to, but he asked me to get video for him. Here's Rylie's class doing their costume parade! Arent they just the cutest bunch?!

And here's a few photos in case you cant view the video. 

"Where's my Mommy?"

"There you are!"

Time for the party with yummy snacks!

I guess being out of the water makes Ariel extra thirsty! hehe

And here's another little video of Rylie at the party eating her snack!

Hope you all have a happy & safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dr Update, Library, Playground

We got the phone call today from Rylie's Dr with the details on her heart tests. It's scheduled for Tuesday at 10:30am. So she's going to have to miss dance, but I'm glad it's not a school day. They've got her down for a whole slew of things. I actually need to wake her up about 5 or 6 am & get her good & tired so she'll sleep during the EKG part of it. I havent been stressing about all this until I spoke to the Dr about the details. It's kind of nerve-wrecking. We're really keeping positive though that everything will turn out ok! Thanks so much for the encouragement from friends/family standing by us. We really appreciate it!

This morning I took Rylie to the library. We havent been in awhile, since she switched school schedules, so we wanted to try the Thursday storytime today. Funny story on the way there (picture taken at red light)-Rylie always requests her favorite songs to play on CD. Today she kept asking for the song she calls "Holy, Holy, Jesus." I dont know the real name of it, but has a lot of "holy" in it & Rylie's sang along before, but she added the "Jesus" part on her own. I thought that was sweet =) The song comes on KSBJ 89.3 all the time.

We met Rylie's friend Raegan at the library today & this storytime was completely different from our usual Wednesday class we've always gone to. In this class, all the kids sit in the middle of the floor, they immediately start off reading stories (no singing songs =( boo!) which ended up being 3 stories today, and then they did the "Hokey Pokey" song (pictured above). Lots of kids came dressed in their costumes which was cute. Rylie's in the green shirt on the left by the way.

They did make a cute monster craft after reading books all about monsters.

Raegan & Rylie working on their crafts. They made a new friend "Snow White" next to Raegan too. As soon as she walked in with her costume on, Rylie & Raegan were mesmerized! lol They just loved that "Snow White" joined them at the library. hehe

Rylie with her monster craft & Raegan & Snow White before we headed out to lunch (with the cow lol)!

After Rylie's nap, her friend Carter invited her out to play. We were thrilled for the invite & decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we had today & go to our playground down the street.

Carter bug!

Going down the slide!

We decided our girls will be engineers when they grow up ;-)

Rylie had to go down the "big" slide a few times before we left. Then I had to pry her off it & drag her to the car kicking and screaming. Oh my. It was just so hot after being there almost an hour and a half! We're looking forward to the slight cool front coming our way!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Picture with the Pum-kins!"

First of all, thank you so much for the encouragement on our post yesterday. We really appreciated the comments/emails & it was nice to know sweet friends were thinking of us!

We had a much better day today. While Rylie was in school this morning I finally finished the dress I've been making for her. This seriously would've taken just a few hours to a day to make but with birthday things I kept dragging my feet & putting it off. So it was just completed today. Again, it's not perfect. I'm far from a professional & I'll be honest & say I got this idea off etsy. This was originally a shirt with a few different tweaks but I was convinced I could make it myself (with no sewing instruction) & am very proud of the way it turned out. This was my first sewing creation to make! So I took some photos of Rylie in it this afternoon!

I know, we're the last ones to post "pumpkin pictures." We usually do a pumpkin patch visit with friends but both times we'd planned on meeting up with them, our plans fell through or it was hot & we didnt want to go. I'd bought these pumpkins for decoration & figured we outta get more use outta them & just do pictures at home this year. Rylie loved that idea! 
Ever since I brought these pumpkins home, all she's talked about is "Mommy gotta finish dress & take pictures with the pum-kins!" And she's been telling everybody "There's 3 pum-kins! One for Mommy, one for Daddy, and one for RYLIE!" hehe

It wasnt hard to get her to pose! She'd been waiting for these pictures for a few weeks!

Loves the pum-kins!

She even wanted to carry "her" pum-kin around for Mommy to help!

Happy Fall 2010!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Shower For Baby Hadley & Rylie's Dr Appt

Lemme just first state that today was HECTIC.
Do you ever have one of those days that just doesnt seem to have anything go right? Here goes today...

Rylie had an ok dance class this morning.

Her dance class buddies minus Charlotte.
She got a few Halloween treats from some friends too. I bought a lot of Halloween stickers & planned to bring them. Did I remember though? Course not.

After dance class we headed to a baby shower for our friend Courtney who's having baby Hadley next month! I made a cute diaper cake & bought a cupcake photo holder that all matches baby Hadleys adorable nursery. (Ignore the bow with the piece folded up under the loop. I didnt realize it when I took this picture)

Courtney received a lot of cute things to welcome Cady's baby sister home with! We're all so eager to meet her! We really missed seeing Julee & Charlotte today. Julee's been very sick in her 3rd trimester, so yall keep her in your thoughts & prayers. I just remember how miserable that was & my heart goes out to her.

Our friend Susan made yummy red velvet cupcakes (Courtney's favorite) for the shower & they were amazing!

Ok, now I'm just going to state Rylie's been having some potty problems the past few days. As in, having to go potty every five minutes. I'd just taken her after dance class before we headed to the shower, and then when I ordered our food while Rylie was sitting in her chair, she had an accident. Not had an accident in months, but all of a sudden had one today. Then still had to go potty 2 more times within the next hour the shower took place. And all she had was a small cup of milk. Thankfully we already had her 3 year checkup scheduled this afternoon and I could talk to the Dr about it today. Thank you to my sweet friends sitting with us that were very sympathetic & understanding with Rylie today. Yall have no idea how frustrating it's been with this the past few days. It was nice to get some encouragement from yall.

So we headed out of the shower & I was carrying the diaper cake & my bags & watching Rylie in the wind going to my car to set down my stuff & then carry the diaper cake to Courtney's car when the whole thing came apart. I tugged on the ribbon I guess & the whole thing just collapsed in my car. So I was very sad I had to give Courtney her diaper cake in a bag to take home =( All that work & it held up so well for days but couldnt seem to make it to the car.

SO.....then we came home and I gave Rylie a good bath because I just felt like she wasnt very clean after her accident & maybe I just felt like a good bath would wash away the bad luck we'd had today. Then we headed to her Dr appointment this afternoon. She did great, kept asking if she was getting a flu shot. lol We did a urine test & she didnt have a UTI or bladder infection like we suspected. We think she may be constipated though, causing her to have to urinate more often. So the Dr wants us to give her a little fruit juice for awhile (we typically dont hardly ever give her juice). BUT her Dr did find something when listening to her heart beat. They've heard a little tiny murmur in the past & didnt seem like anything, but now it's a lot louder & sounds different. So they ordered an echo to be done. We're waiting on the call back when it's ready, but they're going to do an x-ray, ekg, and echo test to just double-check the murmur isnt something serious. We hope to get this done soon!

Rylie was excited though to see her boyfriend from school's picture on the Dr's bulletin board! hehe

Her stats from today were: weight-30 lbs height 36 1/2 in. 25-50 percentile & perfectly proportionate ;-)
She's still not had a single earache/infection and seems to be growing up healthy.

She did have to get one shot today & it was a hard one. She barely fussed when it went in, although it looked painful! Then she exclaimed "I not cry! I get a sticker!" haha Her leg hurt so bad after the shot she wouldn't move it & there was a hard knot. We got her a sticker & came home & both just had to lay down! She took a hard, long nap & woke up to eat a late dinner before getting a bath & going back into bed.

I know everybody has these days now & then. They're not easy when they do come, but hopefully tomorrow we'll have better luck. Again, I'm just not one to sugar-coat things & write on my blog making our lives look perfect like nothing wrong ever happens. This is just straight up how our day went today! lol So sorry if this post was a downer.

I'll leave you with this cute photo from Sunday that I forgot to include on the last post!

Rylie's Gaga bought her this cute little used bike awhile back & had it ready for her this weekend when she stayed with them. They told me she rode it all by herself all the way to the park to play Sunday morning! It was all she talked about when she came home ;-)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lia Sophia Jewelry Party

Yesterday my neighbor friend Laurie & I co-hosted a Lia Sophia Jewelry party. We'd both attended a party another neighbor of ours had & saw the great hostess benefits & decided to host one ourselves! The Lia Sophia division manager Deonna Spies did both parties & she's really great.

It was great of Laurie to host the party at her house. The guests got to each choose 3 items of jewelry to wear for the duration of the party, which I love because other jewelry parties I've been to you just look at it & dont even get to try it on. So it was fun to play dressup!

We had some yummy snacks & sweets served as well.

A good turnout of friends & neighbors & family came! It was a lot of fun co-hosting my first party like this & definitely worth the bonuses! If any of yall is interested in hosting a party of your own, visit!

After the party Rylie went home with Mimi to spend the night. She wore one of her new birthday outfit gifts from Mimi & Gaga that we just LOVE. David & I had a date night just walking around the Galleria & dinner at Cheesecake Factory.

On a side note I got my plate in that I made at Mudpie last week! I'm so excited about it. It's not perfect, but I'm still proud. It was my first project there. I'm taking Rylie to a storytime & plate-making event there next week with some friends & looking forward to it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rylie Paige at 3

I've got 2 new school pictures & a few more professional ones I've been waiting to show yall! So here they are with a few updates on our girl at age 3!

Rylie doesnt have her 3 year checkup until Tuesday so I wont have official height/weight information until then. But I'm estimating she weighs about 28-29 lbs & have no clue on her height! She wears 3T/4T shirts, 3T dresses, 2T/3T bottoms, and size 7/8 shoes.

Rylie still is & always has been a breakfast girl! She wakes up & first thing says "Go eat?" And starts naming off her breakfast menu requests! lol Her favorite breakfast foods are bananas (always!), pancakes, scrambled eggs, cheerios (either plain or in bowl with milk), cereal bars (just nutri grain blueberry), cheese toast, and special treat sometimes gets a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles. She's not a big lunch eater, and sometimes eats a good dinner. Her other favorite foods are mac & cheese (#1), hamburger, meatballs, chicken nuggets, popcorn shrimp, grilled cheese sandwich, french fries, applesauce, yogurt (#2 fav), crackers (almost any kind), and what she calls Toy Story fruit. It's just those fruit snacks she sometimes gets that are branded with Toy Story on them. She also loves pistachios and her favorite dessert is ice cream, chocolate ice cream! 

She's just at the cutest age right now! I love watching her imagination grow every day!
Her favorite thing to play lately is pretend with her babies. She loves to wrap them in her lovey & carry them like a baby. Sometimes she pretends one of her babies or Ariel doll is sick & they're crying & she comforts them & says "Oh it's ok Ariel." She also lays them face down, covers them up & pats their backs "to put them to sleep." I've even seen her pretend to change Ariel's "diaper" & it was the cutest thing! She gets so detailed in these games she plays & even pretended she got poopoo on her hand while changing Ariel & had to go wash them! ha! I'm so excited though she's been fully potty-trained for months. It was our goal when she turned 2 that as long as she was done by age 3, we were happy. We didnt care if it took us all year! lol But thankfully it didnt take that long. We were just glad to have reached that goal. Yall know it was a little rocky. I'm sure not one of those moms to sugar-coat things. But we made it. Rylie does still sleep in a nighttime pullup. She's a deep sleeper so we're not even worried about that right now.

She also loves to play hairstylist with all her dolls. She's constantly stealing my pony tail holders out of my bathroom & taught herself to put her dolls' hair in a pony. She got a cute hairstyling toy set for her birthday too & she's even been doing Mommy's hair. She walks around with her toy hairdryer & straightener all the time. She even wanted to bring her straightener to school for show n' tell today. She loves her dance class & loves to show people what she does in class. She also loves her school & new "big girl" classroom. She's learning to write her numbers & letters now. She's all done with learning to say & recognize all the letters of the alphabet & counting to 20. She can say the days of the week (sometimes mixes up Wed & Fri though, I'll be honest.)

She's been saying the cutest things lately. I've started writing some down so I wouldn't forget. She's been on this kick lately with calling us by our first names instead of Mommy & Daddy. It's kinda cute, but at the same time we just love to hear her voice call us by Mommy & Daddy. We've heard a lot lately "Look! Watch me!" The other day she wanted a cereal bar for breakfast & I told her I couldnt find the box so I thought we were out and she said with sass "It's in the fridge!" But she was referring to the pantry. Then she walked over to it & said "Look. Look. Look! I show you." lol She's very good about telling people her entire day that just happened, in detail. Example-"I go to school today. I go to big girl classroom. Mommy pick me up after lunch. I go potty. I get pullup on & take nap in bed. I get out of bed & go play outside." It's usually a long recap! And everything that happened in the past is "yesterday." She still says "I go Sea World yesterday" and that happened in July! 

She loves talking on the phone. She's always saying "Uh oh, pistachio!" The other day she just asked me outta the blue "What on Earth happened to you?!" I have no clue where she got that from! She's still into dressup & loves shoes for sure. She got a giftcard for her birthday & I told her it was money to buy something she would like & she exclaimed "Shoes!" She's really gotten into more full-length movies lately. Her favorites are still "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," and "Casper." Additionally she's now loving "Harry and the Hendersons." lol I've been limiting her to 1 movie a day though. We also work on school "homework" and she loves to play outside! She mostly loves to ride her bike, swing, slide, and run up & down the sidewalk with neighbor friends. She recognizes when we're at HEB, Walmart, and Target and even knows when we're in Kingwood.

She's just the best little girl we could ever ask for as a daughter! So sweet, loving, and caring for all her friends & family. She's also the most thankful little girl. We just love her more & more every day!

I havent decided yet if I'll keep doing these updates. They've only been for my record, mostly for my use if we have another baby to refer back to & remember what all happened at certain age points. lol But also because we want to remember every detail of Rylie growing up. I guess I'll decide later if I want to keep up with them, depending on how much changes she goes through! So you may or may not see more of these!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Rylie and I had a fabulous day together! It was completely unplanned too so I think that may be why we enjoyed it a little more. We had nothing planned today so we were just playing this morning. Then about 11am I thought we should have lunch at the new Cracker Barrel. (I've seriously had a giftcard since we moved from Waco I've been trying to finish off!)

So Rylie was excited, grabbed her Ariel & lovey & we headed out. We had a fantastic meal: me chicken & dumplings, Rylie pancake & egg.

Then I thought, it'd be fun to go see a movie. It was completely out of the blue. I just decided Rylie was ready. We were actually going to take her to see the new Disney movie "Tangled" when it comes out next month, but I just decided today would be the day for her first movie! I checked the showtimes on my phone as we were finishing lunch & what do you know, Disney's "Secretariat" was starting in 30 minutes! It was the only movie that looked appropriate for her & I figured she'd love watching the horses. I also figured since it was near naptime, she'd be more calm & tired & sit still in her seat instead of going in the morning when she'd be wanting to burn off energy.

So she was very excited when I told her we were going to see a horse movie! The theater is right next to the Cracker Barrel. Rylie actually thought it would be an outside movie & kept asking if Charlotte would be there like she was at our last neighborhood movie night! I had to explain to her this big movie would be indoors.

By the way, these are not the best photos because all I had was my cell phone camera! But I wanted to remember Rylie's first big movie day with Mommy!

They didnt even charge me for Rylie & I got matinee ticket for myself. I asked Rylie if she wanted a snack & believe it or not she looked at all the popcorn & candy & said no! She'd eaten such a good lunch before! We sat down about 15 minutes before showtime & had the place to ourselves for awhile. I discussed with her that we sit still & had alread gone potty so we shouldnt' have to go again until the movie ended & we dont talk during this movie. She didnt like sitting in her own seat because she didnt weigh enough to keep it down. lol So she mostly sat in my lap but she did GREAT during the movie! We both did have to make a potty run halfway through, and about 30 min to the end she acted like she couldnt be quiet anymore & started whispering mumbled things but only for a short while. The movie was very sweet & such an amazing true story! We both really enjoyed it!

After the movie, we decided to grab drinks at Sonic happy hour before it ended since there was a new Sonic in front of the theater as well! I felt bad I had Rylie's hopes up on getting an apple juice slushy but they dont make them anymore. =( So she said she wanted strawberry & then didnt seem to like it as much.

It was such a fun little leisure day we had just the 2 of us. We hadnt even had lunch just us 2 in a long time, so I really enjoyed it especially! It was just one of those sweet days I want to remember forever.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Big Day Turning 3

Rylie had a great day yesterday! We had a lot of fun-filled things planned for her & she enjoyed it all! We usually wake her up by singing Happy Birthday, but she was so excited she woke up early & then got us up!

First we went to dance class. Daddy took off work to spend Rylie's birthday as a family & I'm glad he got to see her dance class!

We stopped first at Shipley to get her a special treat for breakfast!

Her sweet friends at dance wished her a Happy Birthday!

And her teacher Miss Taylor gave her a cute birthday certificate.

Then we went home & changed out of our dance clothes & headed into town.

We stopped first at Mimi's work to say hi to everybody! Rylie wore her special Ariel birthday outfit again (we went through a lot of trouble to get it, so we're gonna get full use out of it! lol). They were sweet to sing Rylie Happy Birthday & she loved seeing them! 

Mimi joined us for taking Rylie to lunch. She requested mac 'n cheese so we ate at Fish City Grill. So good! She loved her mac!

Then we stopped by Sprinkles cupcakes-finally! Everytime we drove by on a weekend, they still had a long line out the door. We figured on a Tues they shouldn't be too bad and we were right! It was completely empty.

And when you 'Like' them on Facebook they post secret phrases throughout the day you can whisper in the store & get free cupcakes. It's always been a mission of mine to get a free cupcake that way. Well, mission accomplished! We all 3 whispered the phrase & got all 3 cupcakes free yesterday! And they were AMAZING!

After cupcakes, we took Rylie to the Aquarium in Downtown Houston!

Her little world was so lit up to see Dori & Nemo! She could've stayed there all day just watching them swim around.

She first went to this Aquarium when she was only 4 months old, but obviously enjoyed it more this go around.

Some of the bigger fish scared her a little & this tank had some crawfish that she called "spiders" & "bugs". She'd hold her hand up to something she didnt like & say "Stand right there. Dont move." lol

I had to put this picture on here. It's too funny! I just raised her up in this scuba mask for Daddy to take a picture real fast & here's how it came out!

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

I love it! haha We had to take another shot at it though!

Scuba Rylie!

Then we saw the "big meow" as she called the tiger. She loved seeing that!

And take a souvenir photo! This was her big "rawr" like the Tiger was doing. We didnt need anything from the gift shop so we skipped that & went outside.
Rylie saw the lighthouse! Daddy rode this real quick.

Then we rode the train-Rylie's favorite thing all day I think! It stopped for awhile under this shark tunnel & that was neat to watch.

Then Rylie rode the "horsy" which was really a fish! ha!

And we all rode the ferris wheel too. 

Next to the carousel we saw this little octopus shaped moonwalk & it was empty so we let Rylie jump in it for awhile. That was a nice surprise for her! She's been asking for the moonwalks back since her party ended. lol

They still had the water fountains going out front too, but we didnt know that so we didnt bring Rylie's swimsuit. We also didnt expect it to be 90-something today either! We got a cute photo taken out front & then headed home. Rylie of course conked out right away in the car. We got home & she rested for a little while. Then she rode her bike out front with some of her friends.

Last night we ate dinner & she got to open her presents from Mommy & Daddy.

Reading her card!

We usually get her little special momento things for her birthday instead of toys. And take her somewhere special too as part of her gift. I'd seen this cute collector's Ariel on a carousel seahorse figurine at a store months ago & just knew it had Rylie's name all over it! Especially with her just riding on the carousel earlier in the day, she was ecstatic to open this gift. It's something she can keep forever & remember this special part of her life.

She also got a Sebastian stuffed animal! She already had a plush Ariel & the Flounder from the garage sale, so I was excited to find this Sebastian just last week. She immediately held it in her hands (pictured above) & gave it a kiss just like Ariel did on the movie right after she gets her legs & Sebastian agrees to help her win over the Prince! Rylie loves that part of the movie!

It was a great day for all of us! Exhausting, but we all enjoyed it!

Thank you all for sending Rylie sweet birthday wishes yesterday too! She really appreciated each & every one of them & it meant a lot to us that yall thought of our birthday girl!