Thursday, September 16, 2010

This week's happenings

Just a few tidbits on our week!

Monday afternoon Rylie woke up from her nap super early & after doing everything outside we could think of, we invited her neighbor friend Carter for a wagon ride with us!

Here's a great picture David got when he came home. Carter's mommy Tiffany & I are both pointing & saying "just get the girls in the picture!" haha

A funny story real quick about Monday afternoon too. Before the wagon ride, Rylie & I were on her swingset in the back. Rylie was on her glider & I sat on it behind her to push us with my feet. Rylie loved it for awhile & then I guess we werent going high enough or fast enough because she turned back to me & gave me a push saying "No, get off Mommy. You're too big!" haha Then we were sitting at her little table attached to the slide part & Rylie said she wanted to eat there. I said "Well, maybe we'll get hotdogs for dinner this week & grill out & we can eat them here." Rylie said "No, I would not like that." I said "Oh you wouldn't like hotdogs?" And she said "No I not like hot dogs. That's what I said!" lol She's been cracking us up so much lately with the things she says!

 Yesterday morning, our brand new HEB opened in our neighborhood! We're so excited we now have a close grocery store to go to! So we had to hit it up early before goin to the library.

We met Carter & Tiffany there.

Rylie was so happy to get a balloon!

 Then we headed to our usual library with friends. Cady couldnt make it this week, so it was just Rylie & Owen. Rylie's doing the "tip me over" part of teapot song above.

Some of those other kids were very wound up this week!

We didnt hang around long after storytime this week. After a quick lunch at Chick Fil-A, we came home & Rylie napped.

We played outside again in the afternoon (been a daily thing lately!) and then Jaiden came out in his jeep. He pulled right up to our driveway & asked Rylie if she wanted to ride with him. She was so excited & didnt even hesitate saying "Yeah!" and ran right over to him. They had so much fun riding down our street & playing with more neighbors.

After dinner last night, we were all sitting in the media room & Rylie kept running back & forth between her playroom. She's been very into dressup lately, can you tell??

So that's been our pretty chill week so far!

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