Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mimi & Gaga Return!

First off, lemme say our desktop computer has taken it's last breath. =( At being about 9 years old, it was finally time for it to go. I'm in the process of getting the hard drive backed up since it's a system corruption & we can still access our files. But that's why I've fallen behind on blogging & all the pictures on here recently will be raw, unedited files. I also havent been able to do any Old School Saturday's for awhile since all my scanned images were on the desktop. My laptop isnt hooked up to our scanner, so I'll just put those off for now. Bear with me until we get a new computer please! I'll still blog all that I can! =)

So, Saturday evening Rylie's Mimi & Gaga (Craig) came to visit & have dinner with us! Rylie was jumping with excitement!
They've been in Maine for the past few weeks & we havent seen them in a month. They brought Rylie back a lighthouse tshirt which she of course LOVED! And some cute lobster socks. Right away Rylie saw them & exclaimed "Red loster!" hehe Can you tell we eat there alot?

Rylie was busy jumping around, dancing, showing them her dance moves, & telling them all about everything!
She couldnt contain her excitement all evening (and even after being too excited to take a nap earlier!)

She loved playing with them!

And even gave sugars!

Daddy put her baby doll on her 4 wheeler & Rylie thought it was the funniest thing! She just hopped on behind her & laughed so hard taking her baby for a ride!

And she had to bring out her harmonicas from Kindermusik to play us some tunes!

We had such wonderful "Fall" weather Saturday too so we went outside so Rylie could play & enjoy the breeze!

Her favorite thing right now is riding her bike! Last Friday she rode it in the front yard for an hour! And wouldnt get off til Daddy got home & she could show him how she was riding it!

Then Gaga got in her playhouse with her & they played for awhile. She had such a blast! David grilled some steaks & we had mashed potatoes & fresh green beans & we enjoyed eating on the patio in the nice weather. I made a practice birthday cake for Rylie's birthday (which is next month) and we enjoyed that for dessert. It was a great night winding down with family!

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