Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lunch Date & Dance Makeup

Yesterday Rylie's friends werent able to make it to the library, so we opted not to go as well. I figured she'd be bored after being used to going with all her fun buddies! So David suggested we meet him for lunch!

We ate a delicious lunch at The Black Walnut Cafe in Rice Village, near where David works. It's a nice outdoor shopping strip. I used to love going there all the time when we lived in Waco & would visit Houston. We dont make it there often anymore, so after lunch Rylie & I window shopped for awhile. It was a nice afternoon we had!

Rylie got a short nap in & then we visited another dance class for a makeup since Rylie was sick for her first class last week.

This class is smaller & the door was left open so I snapped a few pictures. No other parents were even back there watching lol But some of the girls were acting up so Miss Bri closed the door.

I'm amazed my pictures through the window came out since I only had my little camera! Rylie was the tiniest of the class. These girls were a little older & more advanced too.

They did much harder jumps/walks across the room. Rylie did her best & we practiced more at home after class so she's almost got them down now!

It was a fun afternoon class & we're just gonna work on practicing our dance moves before our next class in two weeks!

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