Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's hot, but we still had fun!

Well, we had some cooler weather for awhile. Today was back up in the high 90's again. We had to stick around the house waiting for the cable technician to come & fix one of our boxes. Rylie & I played in her playroom for awhile & then she looked sad & bored. So I suggested we play outside & she perked up immediately!

It was so hot & in the early half of the day the sun beats down on this swingset. It's nice in the afternoon though when it's shaded.

Rylie didnt care how hot it was though, she just had a great time!

She went down the slide over & over...

And on each swing several times! She's gotten so good about learning to swing herself too.

Of course we had to stay hydrated in this heat!

Then we took her bike out front. She's gotten sooo good about riding her bike now & steering it so well!

We went up & down the sidewalk several times.

Then we got too hot & went to the backyard again. Her playhouse is always in the shade, so we tried to cool off there for awhile.

Daddy got home then from grabbing us lunch so we came inside & cleaned up. We were both so sweaty after playing outside so long, but Rylie had such a good time! She's such an outdoor girl.

We've been thinking a lot today about 9/11 and how thankful we are to have everything we do. Especially our freedom, which we owe to our troops! I'm so sad our American Flag tore so we cant hang it up today. I went to Walmart to get a new one, but they were out. Now that the cable guy's done, we're heading to the hardware store as soon as Rylie wakes up from her nap to get a new one. Our hearts are definitely with those who lost loved ones 9 years ago today & the families of the troops who passed in the war since then.

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