Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Give Me Your Eyes

I kept hearing this song on our local Christian radio station in the car (when not jamming on Rylie's Kindermusik cd's lol) and loved it so much I started listening to the station all the time just to hear the song again! Finally I just looked up who sang it & discovered Brandon Heath. After reading what he's all about, I've become his newest fan! His music is very inspirational & I hope to attend a concert of his sometime. I listen to this song (my radio favorite) "Give Me Your Eyes" everyday (no joke lol). The music video is really good too, so I posted it here for yall to see.

And Brandon Heath's new single "Your Love" from his new album due out January 2011 is available starting today on itunes. Or go to http://www.brandonheath.net/ to listen to it!

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