Monday, September 20, 2010

Garage Sales & Dance Class

This past Saturday I woke up early in the morning to go garage sale hunting with a few girlfriends. We met up with Starbucks (Thanks Courtney & Julee!) at 6am. We all got such great deals & had fun. I've gotta share with yall my awesome finds because this was my first real garage sale hunt & I'm excited with all I bought!

Motorized motorcycle for Barbie dolls. Works perfectly.

Handy Mandy dancing/singing toolbox. (David wanted to buy this for Rylie at the Disney Store awhile back & I wouldnt let him because I thought $30 was too much for it!)

Extra gate to keep Rylie safe

Barbie pool & doll (we cleaned the doll very well!)

Flounder (again cleaned very well!) Rylie was ecstatic to see this!

Cute dress for me.

Cute Ariel cup

White swim cover for Rylie next year, gymboree jeans for Spring, and nice ivory sweater for Rylie this Winter.

Outdoor picnic table (that Rylie loves & insisted on eating lunch at today!)

This awesome glider & ottoman set! Excellent condition, just needs a little steam vacuuming. We've never had a rocking chair & even with Rylie almost 3 there are still nights/days when she just needs Mommy or Daddy to hold her & this chair will be perfect! Right now it's going in our master bedroom, but it'll also be great if/when we have another baby.

So, total for alllll you see above?
I feel very happy with my buys & extra thanks to Susan who was a garage sale expert & organized the whole morning! I'm also very happy she's now started a blog!

And we had dance class again today! Rylie's friend Kate was the only one there today since her other 2 friends were home sick. (There were other classmates though that we're still getting to know!) I didnt take my big camera this week, so I didnt take pictures the whole time. It was a good class though & we're just improving every week!


~Shelly~ said...

That was the rocker we had! I loved it, very comfy! Cute dress too!

Rosie said...

WOW! I can't believe that's all you spent. Best deals I've ever heard of! Wish I could have been with you to do the same :)

brandy said...

that is crazy!!! makes me feel pretty dumb for buying that $30 handy manny toy full price!!! maybe i need to start garage sale shopping!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Um that is amazing! What great deals:)