Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Play with Cady & Charlotte

This morning 2 of Rylie's girlfriends came over to play! We wished all her friends could've made it, but it's so hard to get a time where everybody's free these days.

Rylie wait anxiously this morning for her friends to arrive!

Cady arrived first & the girls went straight up to the playroom! They brought down some "princess" shoes to dress up in!

Stylin those heels!
I wish I had my photoshop to fix this picture! Rylie & Cady looked so cute coming downstairs with their crowns on backwards or over their faces!

Then Rylie turned hers around backwards too

Charlotte arrived too & Rylie really wanted to play outside very bad, despite the humid day & hot sun! So we finally went out for a little while.

They played a little house

And did a little sliding

And Rylie was so happy to finally have a friend over to sit on the glider with her! Just made her day!

Cutie Charlotte

All girls swinging at the same time! I should've turned Cady around though to face the camera! lol We had a great time this morning & Rylie's napping good now!

Hope yall have a good weekend!

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