Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flu Shot & Library

I took Rylie to get her flu shot early this morning. I didnt want to take a chance of her getting the flu over her birthday! Rylie was such a champ! She didnt cry or even whimper. Just laid there, quick prick, then she sat up & said "I did it! By self!" hehe I was so proud of her.

After that we headed to the library. We were early so I got this cute video of Rylie. She was telling me the "rules" for when we go somewhere.

Then Cady arrived & we went inside. Rylie was then acting tired & clinging to her lovey more. She didnt want to do most of the songs/dances but finally did a few at the end so I got some pictures.

But she didnt wanna let go of the lovey either! lol Here's her "teddy bear, teddy bear touch the sky" with lovey in tow!

And "wheels on the bus go round & round" with lovey in tow!

And "doors on the bus go open & shut"......with lovey in tow!!!

Finally she dropped it for "babies on the bus go wah wah wah!" (And that's her Elmo sticker she picked out at the Dr office for being so good.)

Then Mommies go shhh shhh shh! Cady was so funny turning to her Mommy to tell her the shhh shhh shhh part!

After storytime, we looked at a few books. Rylie decided to "read" Mommy a story while our friends took a potty break. She loves to pretend "teacher" & read me books like her teachers read her at school! We finished up with a good "lunch with cow" as Rylie calls it at Chick Fil A & ran into our other friends there too! Rylie is thankfully taking a gooooood nap right now so hopefully I can finish putting up Fall/Halloween decor & take pictures! hehe

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