Monday, September 13, 2010

Dance class is back!

Rylie & I were so happy to return to her dance class this morning! Rylie was so eager, she gobbled up her breakfast & whined at the door wanting to leave 20 minutes early! haha

So we went a little early & got to say hi to Miss Sandy! Rylie's friend Cady arrived early too & was happy to see Miss Sandy as well.

When Kendall arrived she wanted to dance with Rylie again

And Cady wanted to join in too

They were too excited to be dancing together!

3 twinkle toes!

Then they lined up to walk in! Rylie's friend Kate is all pretty in the hot pink on the left

Then they started their class & did their stretches

I took these pictures through the window again (stalker mom, I know lol) We've been practicing with Rylie at home so she was awesome today! Hopping with her feet together now.

She needed some help from Miss Bri though on the hop-skip type thing they did.

They each got to wear cute wings & do some pointy-toe walks. Rylie wanted to go when her friend did & not wait for her own turn tho!

And they hopped over the stick too. Rylie still cant do that with her feet together, but we'll work on that.

We had a great class & happy to be back. Rylie's friend Charlotte is her only girlfriend not in this class with us (she goes on Tues), but in October we're switching to her class when Rylie changes schedules at school.

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Rosie said...

Awww, they all look adorable! I started dance when I was three and the pictures my mom took were so funny! It's fun to look back on them, and I know Rylie will enjoy it too one day.