Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ariel Party Planning

 We've been in full-force birthday planning mode the past week! As I'd mentioned before our desktop computer with photoshop crashed awhile back. I finally found the photoshop disc to install on my laptop. Of course the program's older than my laptop so it wouldnt work properly. Luckily David has an old laptop his work gave him to use that we could install it on & I was able to make Rylie's birthday invitations in 2 days-just in time to get them mailed out on my deadline last week!

Rylie hand-delivered our neighbor's invitations as well. I think these pictures are from last Thursday. I just forgot they were on our small camera so I'm just now uploading them!

She had to get her Ariel shirt & purple Ariel shoes & sunglasses on too. Not really matching, but she loved it.

And I spent this weekend turning this generic mermaid pinata into this Ariel-looking one...

Rylie's so excited about it! The face is a little creepy tho lol so I'm going to try to scan in an Ariel face to glue over it. But to Rylie it looks like Ariel & that's all that matters.

This is the first year Rylie actually knows what's going on with her birthday planning & that she's about to have a party & she's turning 3 soon. She is so excited! We went to book a moonwalk this weekend too & Rylie pointed to the castle one (just like her 1st birthday one) & said she wanted a castle. Now every morning she asks where the castle is. She also asks every morning if it's Ariel birthday party yet. It's really sweet though, because Rylie's not looking forward to getting presents the most. She couldnt care at all honestly if she got a ton of presents. What she mostly cares about & looks forward to the most is having everybody sing "Happy Birthday" to her. That's all she talks about. Oh that & having "Ariel cake." lol But I just think that's the sweetest thing that she wants nothing more than her friends/family to just sing to her.

I cant believe her 3rd birthday is right around the corner! We just decided recently to not get her a fish aquarium afterall this year. =( We just couldnt decide what size we wanted or where we would put it, so we're going to wait on that. But we're planning on taking Rylie to the Downtown Houston Aquarium on her birthday to see Nemo! lol I'm sure that'll just thrill her very much.

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