Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Wednesday at the Library

Yesterday we returned to our Wednesday library with friends!

It was way more crowded than usual! I think now that older siblings are back in school more people are going. Rylie's friends Cady & Owen joined us this week. This is the best photo of all 3 listening to the story. Rylie was extra squirmy today. I think it's from the 3 week break we had & just now going back-she was extra excited!

They made a craft this week too so we were very excited about that too! They made "alphabet soup" pictures & put letters in the bowl & then colored a little.

Cady & Owen working hard on their pictures.

Rylie telling me about her finished product

All the kids with their masterpieces!

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Shay said...

That looks like so much fun for the little ones! We have something like that at our library but you cant bring any children under 2 because they are a distraction they I have to wait until all my kids are over two!