Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost 3!

So Rylie's turning 3 exactly one month from today. She's been up to such fun stuff lately so I've just got to get all this written down together for my memory before I forget it all! I havent done one of these in awhile, so it's been time. Some of this may be repeats from recent blog posts, but I just wanted all this in one place for me to look back on!

Ok, so first of all Rylie's vocabulary has exploded. She's developed quite a cute personality and she's been saying the funniest stuff! I wish I could just videotape her all the time & not miss a second of it. Some funny things she's said lately were on her swingset. She told me to get off her glider swing because I was too big. lol Then she said she wouldnt like hot dogs for dinner & I said "Oh you wouldnt like hot dogs for dinner?" And she said "No I not like hot dogs. That's what I said." Today at lunch we went to Red Lobster & Rylie decided to sing (loudly) to everyone her ABC's. The manager walked by & told her good job & Rylie responded with "Thank you Red Loster." Some other cute sayings I've heard from her lately "I'm all sweaty now" after we came in from playing outside. I told her she was funny & she responded "Yes, I am funny!" Her new thing is also asking us what we're doing or "Mommy, why you in kitchen?" (or whatever other room I'm in). And she says "Well....." alot, especially when pretending to talk to someone on the phone.

She's counting to 15 & almost to 20. Says ABC's & recognizes every letter (upper & lower). Her favorite songs she sings now are ABC's, Four little monkeys swinging from a tree (teasing Mr Crocodile....), Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, If You're Happy & You Know It (and she makes up her own versus with random things like jump on couch lol), and her favorite song she requests in the car is "Rock Me" by Steve Miller Band (David got her on that one lol). She almost knows all the days of the week (she mixes up Wed & Fri alot).

Her current obsession (besides her old favs-lighthouses, fireworks, and Ariel) is the 1995 movie Casper with Christina Ricci. So random!

She found it one day in our movie drawer & brought it to me saying "Watch this?" It still had the wrapper on it. I think I bought it for $5 last Halloween just for fun. I told her the movie was called Casper & said "Are you sure you want to watch this? It's kind of scary for you." And she said "Watch big scary Casper?" lol She begged & begged so I put it on & she LOVES it! She'll just sit in a trance & watch the entire thing. AND the movie just so happens to take place in Friendship, Maine-right near where Rylie's Mimi has a cottage in Maine. AND the movie has a lighthouse in it! So Rylie wants to watch this movie! And sometimes she's lucked out & got to watch it twice in one day. Weird child, I know!

She's sooo independent! She's always insisted on buckling the top part of her seat belt in her carseat. Well, now she wants to buckle both the top & bottom parts (which takes her forever by the way!) and she doesnt udnerstand the word "hurry." lol So needless to say getting her in the car is a huge toll. She also completely dresses herself. I finally got her to quit trying to brush her own teeth because she was only destroying her toothbrushes & I was tired of buying new ones all the time. The phrase we hear all day from miss independent is "I did it!" or "I did it by self!" We also hear a lot of "Look, Mommy!" and "Look, Daddy!" or "I gotta show ________(whoever she wants to show)!"

Any little booboo is still overly dramatic. She's also been doing this high-pitched shrieking again. Ugh!

Her current hobbies are coloring, playing dressup, riding her bike, playing on her swingset, playing (pushing around) her baby dolls (she esp loves to "put them to bed"), and her teachers at school say she's a little track star! They've been doing races on the playground & Rylie just loves it & talks about it all the time. She also loves birthday parties & asks every weekend if we're going to one. Mostly she loves singing "Happy Birthday" to someone. She also loves the carousel horse rides, could live off mac & cheese & ice cream if we let her, and is obsessed with her purple Ariel shoes you see her wearing in most pictures. Seriously, as soon as she gets home from school "I go get lovey & purple shoes!"

She's also such a good supporter to her friends-always clapping for them & saying "Good job! I so proud for you!" And she's really sweet too with her friends & giving them compliments out of the blue. On our wagon ride with Carter earlier this week Rylie said "I like dress Carter" when she first saw her. Just genuine sweetness in her!

Rylie still has a memory like an elephant! She still talks in details about the fireworks she saw on 4th of July, and tells people everywhere we go about how she went to Sea World & saw dolphins & penguins & Daddy rode the big scary ride.

She loves her dance class & going to the library with friends & to "church" with Mommy on MOPS days!
She loves seeing her friends & family & is definitely both her Mommy & Daddy's little girl!
I hope I didnt forget anything!

Thought of some things I forgot!
Rylie really loves her school. I cant believe I didnt mention this! Probably because it's not something I do with her. She talks about her teachers & friends there all the time though. One day on the drive home after school Rylie said "I love to go to school." She has fun there & learns a lot too! She's moving up a classroom in October to the 3-4 year old room.

Rylie is also obsessed with "lip stuff." She has a few of her own chapstick tubes that she loves. I have to hide them in my bathroom though or else she'll put the entire tube on in one day.


Rosie said...

Oh my gosh-just precious! I love the Red Lobster comment. lol.

EMonaghan said...

Sounds like you have been having lots of fun! She growing up to be such a bright little girl!