Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flu Shot & Library

I took Rylie to get her flu shot early this morning. I didnt want to take a chance of her getting the flu over her birthday! Rylie was such a champ! She didnt cry or even whimper. Just laid there, quick prick, then she sat up & said "I did it! By self!" hehe I was so proud of her.

After that we headed to the library. We were early so I got this cute video of Rylie. She was telling me the "rules" for when we go somewhere.

Then Cady arrived & we went inside. Rylie was then acting tired & clinging to her lovey more. She didnt want to do most of the songs/dances but finally did a few at the end so I got some pictures.

But she didnt wanna let go of the lovey either! lol Here's her "teddy bear, teddy bear touch the sky" with lovey in tow!

And "wheels on the bus go round & round" with lovey in tow!

And "doors on the bus go open & shut"......with lovey in tow!!!

Finally she dropped it for "babies on the bus go wah wah wah!" (And that's her Elmo sticker she picked out at the Dr office for being so good.)

Then Mommies go shhh shhh shh! Cady was so funny turning to her Mommy to tell her the shhh shhh shhh part!

After storytime, we looked at a few books. Rylie decided to "read" Mommy a story while our friends took a potty break. She loves to pretend "teacher" & read me books like her teachers read her at school! We finished up with a good "lunch with cow" as Rylie calls it at Chick Fil A & ran into our other friends there too! Rylie is thankfully taking a gooooood nap right now so hopefully I can finish putting up Fall/Halloween decor & take pictures! hehe

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ariel Party Planning

 We've been in full-force birthday planning mode the past week! As I'd mentioned before our desktop computer with photoshop crashed awhile back. I finally found the photoshop disc to install on my laptop. Of course the program's older than my laptop so it wouldnt work properly. Luckily David has an old laptop his work gave him to use that we could install it on & I was able to make Rylie's birthday invitations in 2 days-just in time to get them mailed out on my deadline last week!

Rylie hand-delivered our neighbor's invitations as well. I think these pictures are from last Thursday. I just forgot they were on our small camera so I'm just now uploading them!

She had to get her Ariel shirt & purple Ariel shoes & sunglasses on too. Not really matching, but she loved it.

And I spent this weekend turning this generic mermaid pinata into this Ariel-looking one...

Rylie's so excited about it! The face is a little creepy tho lol so I'm going to try to scan in an Ariel face to glue over it. But to Rylie it looks like Ariel & that's all that matters.

This is the first year Rylie actually knows what's going on with her birthday planning & that she's about to have a party & she's turning 3 soon. She is so excited! We went to book a moonwalk this weekend too & Rylie pointed to the castle one (just like her 1st birthday one) & said she wanted a castle. Now every morning she asks where the castle is. She also asks every morning if it's Ariel birthday party yet. It's really sweet though, because Rylie's not looking forward to getting presents the most. She couldnt care at all honestly if she got a ton of presents. What she mostly cares about & looks forward to the most is having everybody sing "Happy Birthday" to her. That's all she talks about. Oh that & having "Ariel cake." lol But I just think that's the sweetest thing that she wants nothing more than her friends/family to just sing to her.

I cant believe her 3rd birthday is right around the corner! We just decided recently to not get her a fish aquarium afterall this year. =( We just couldnt decide what size we wanted or where we would put it, so we're going to wait on that. But we're planning on taking Rylie to the Downtown Houston Aquarium on her birthday to see Nemo! lol I'm sure that'll just thrill her very much.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Weather & Dance

 We woke up this morning to lovely 60 degree Fall weather! I was so excited! It felt great & Rylie & I were excited to go dance class.

She danced with some friends before we got started. Rylie was singing "Casper the Friendly Ghost" while dancing!

And Kate was so cute with her baby sister Ella we all were taking pictures of them!

Then Rylie lined up with Cady to get ready to go in!

They did a lot of new stuff today & most of my pictures came out blurry since they moved around so much. It was a great class tho!

Weekend Run Around

We finally got to take Rylie swimming one last time Saturday morning! Our neighborhood pool closed after this weekend. Rylie was ecstatic to go swimming!

Running up to the slide!

She did this about a hundred times!

And she kept walking on her hands saying "I'm swimming like Ariel & Dori!" lol
We stayed for over an hour & then Rylie really acted tired so we told her it was time to go which she didnt like very much.

She kept pointing to the slide crying "one more time!" =( Next Summer sweetie!
We all showered & headed to Rylie's Mimi's house. She stayed the night there again while David & I had a great night out.

We dressed up (my $2 garage sale dress! hehe) & saw the new movie "You Again." It didnt disappoint! Then we grabbed late dinner at a local waterfront bistro called Raffa's & headed home.

On Sunday David's mom brought Rylie back home & stayed for the Houston Texans game. The game was awful, but Rylie had fun playing air hockey with Daddy between commercials!

After the game Mimi went home & we were all tired! I layed on the couch while David put dinner in the oven & fell asleep. When I woke up I found Rylie asleep on top of me! And David took this picture of us. 

Not a great angle, but so sweet. David said she just climbed up on top of me & went right to sleep. After our little nap we ate dinner & then watched the season premiere of Desperate Housewives! We're so excited it's back on. It was the last show we were waiting for. Love this Fall tv season!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Show Us Your Life-Master Bedroom

Welcome back for another week of home touring from Kelly's Korner! This week she's doing a tour of master bedrooms. Nothing's changed in ours since we moved here over 2 years ago, but I've taken better pictures!

This is our little niche in our master bedroom entry where we have wedding pictures displayed. Our master is on the 1st floor right off the living room.

This is entering the room & turning slightly to the right. I love our master bedroom furniture. We bought it at Gallery Furniture in Houston 2 years ago. It's solid wood, great warranty, & we plan to keep it forever.

Closeup of the bed & nightstands. We were a little hesitant to get a high headboard, but we love it! One less expensive artwork to buy to hang over it! lol The 2 lamps on the nightstands came from Walmart believe it or not-shades & all.

A closeup of the bedding. We bought it on clearance at Dillards 2 years ago. 

I love my nightstand. My alarm clock has 6 nature sounds on it which I'm obsessed with! I love being able to hear rain whenever I want. lol And that's my pile of MOPS papers, day planner, & a few books I'm trying to finish.

A side view of the entire room taken from the master bathroom (which I'll save that for when Kelly does a big bathroom tour later!)

The armoire which holds our TV, cable box, DVD player & my dresser.

In front of our window right now is Rylie's little coloring table & chairs. We move this table & chair set around the house sometimes. She'll sit here in our room & color while I'm getting ready in the morning or sometimes it's in the living room while I'm cooking, etc. We bought it at Toys R Us.

And this window is also a direct view of our backyard which I'll really love when Rylie gets older & can play on her own back there. I can just fold clothes & keep in eye on her.

So there's our tour this week! I'm really having fun doing this & getting to see lots of other homes too!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Caramel Apples

I'm so glad Autumn officially started today! I really think caramel apples are the "in" thing this Fall, as I've seen them everywhere!

I bought these Caramel Apple Hershey Kisses a few weeks ago & they're my new favorite thing! So good! I've actually never had a real caramel apple before, but these have a real apple taste to them.

This past weekend we went to David's mom's house for dinner while David worked a wedding at the church. I didnt take any pictures (I was too worn out from garage sale hunting! ha!), but I did get to make this yummy Caramel Apple cake before we headed over there, so we had that for dessert. It came from this magazine David bought for me.

And I just wanted to share it with yall in case you were in the same Caramel Apple kick everybody else seems to be in!

(You should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger) Probably the easiest cake I've ever made & oh so yummy! The frosting was very rich, so I actually left out a little powdered sugar, but it made it a little runnier.

Hope yall are enjoying the start to Autumn!

(We missed the library this morning because Rylie had school pictures, but none of her friends could make it either. So no pictures today!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Garage Sales & Dance Class

This past Saturday I woke up early in the morning to go garage sale hunting with a few girlfriends. We met up with Starbucks (Thanks Courtney & Julee!) at 6am. We all got such great deals & had fun. I've gotta share with yall my awesome finds because this was my first real garage sale hunt & I'm excited with all I bought!

Motorized motorcycle for Barbie dolls. Works perfectly.

Handy Mandy dancing/singing toolbox. (David wanted to buy this for Rylie at the Disney Store awhile back & I wouldnt let him because I thought $30 was too much for it!)

Extra gate to keep Rylie safe

Barbie pool & doll (we cleaned the doll very well!)

Flounder (again cleaned very well!) Rylie was ecstatic to see this!

Cute dress for me.

Cute Ariel cup

White swim cover for Rylie next year, gymboree jeans for Spring, and nice ivory sweater for Rylie this Winter.

Outdoor picnic table (that Rylie loves & insisted on eating lunch at today!)

This awesome glider & ottoman set! Excellent condition, just needs a little steam vacuuming. We've never had a rocking chair & even with Rylie almost 3 there are still nights/days when she just needs Mommy or Daddy to hold her & this chair will be perfect! Right now it's going in our master bedroom, but it'll also be great if/when we have another baby.

So, total for alllll you see above?
I feel very happy with my buys & extra thanks to Susan who was a garage sale expert & organized the whole morning! I'm also very happy she's now started a blog!

And we had dance class again today! Rylie's friend Kate was the only one there today since her other 2 friends were home sick. (There were other classmates though that we're still getting to know!) I didnt take my big camera this week, so I didnt take pictures the whole time. It was a good class though & we're just improving every week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Almost 3!

So Rylie's turning 3 exactly one month from today. She's been up to such fun stuff lately so I've just got to get all this written down together for my memory before I forget it all! I havent done one of these in awhile, so it's been time. Some of this may be repeats from recent blog posts, but I just wanted all this in one place for me to look back on!

Ok, so first of all Rylie's vocabulary has exploded. She's developed quite a cute personality and she's been saying the funniest stuff! I wish I could just videotape her all the time & not miss a second of it. Some funny things she's said lately were on her swingset. She told me to get off her glider swing because I was too big. lol Then she said she wouldnt like hot dogs for dinner & I said "Oh you wouldnt like hot dogs for dinner?" And she said "No I not like hot dogs. That's what I said." Today at lunch we went to Red Lobster & Rylie decided to sing (loudly) to everyone her ABC's. The manager walked by & told her good job & Rylie responded with "Thank you Red Loster." Some other cute sayings I've heard from her lately "I'm all sweaty now" after we came in from playing outside. I told her she was funny & she responded "Yes, I am funny!" Her new thing is also asking us what we're doing or "Mommy, why you in kitchen?" (or whatever other room I'm in). And she says "Well....." alot, especially when pretending to talk to someone on the phone.

She's counting to 15 & almost to 20. Says ABC's & recognizes every letter (upper & lower). Her favorite songs she sings now are ABC's, Four little monkeys swinging from a tree (teasing Mr Crocodile....), Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, If You're Happy & You Know It (and she makes up her own versus with random things like jump on couch lol), and her favorite song she requests in the car is "Rock Me" by Steve Miller Band (David got her on that one lol). She almost knows all the days of the week (she mixes up Wed & Fri alot).

Her current obsession (besides her old favs-lighthouses, fireworks, and Ariel) is the 1995 movie Casper with Christina Ricci. So random!

She found it one day in our movie drawer & brought it to me saying "Watch this?" It still had the wrapper on it. I think I bought it for $5 last Halloween just for fun. I told her the movie was called Casper & said "Are you sure you want to watch this? It's kind of scary for you." And she said "Watch big scary Casper?" lol She begged & begged so I put it on & she LOVES it! She'll just sit in a trance & watch the entire thing. AND the movie just so happens to take place in Friendship, Maine-right near where Rylie's Mimi has a cottage in Maine. AND the movie has a lighthouse in it! So Rylie wants to watch this movie! And sometimes she's lucked out & got to watch it twice in one day. Weird child, I know!

She's sooo independent! She's always insisted on buckling the top part of her seat belt in her carseat. Well, now she wants to buckle both the top & bottom parts (which takes her forever by the way!) and she doesnt udnerstand the word "hurry." lol So needless to say getting her in the car is a huge toll. She also completely dresses herself. I finally got her to quit trying to brush her own teeth because she was only destroying her toothbrushes & I was tired of buying new ones all the time. The phrase we hear all day from miss independent is "I did it!" or "I did it by self!" We also hear a lot of "Look, Mommy!" and "Look, Daddy!" or "I gotta show ________(whoever she wants to show)!"

Any little booboo is still overly dramatic. She's also been doing this high-pitched shrieking again. Ugh!

Her current hobbies are coloring, playing dressup, riding her bike, playing on her swingset, playing (pushing around) her baby dolls (she esp loves to "put them to bed"), and her teachers at school say she's a little track star! They've been doing races on the playground & Rylie just loves it & talks about it all the time. She also loves birthday parties & asks every weekend if we're going to one. Mostly she loves singing "Happy Birthday" to someone. She also loves the carousel horse rides, could live off mac & cheese & ice cream if we let her, and is obsessed with her purple Ariel shoes you see her wearing in most pictures. Seriously, as soon as she gets home from school "I go get lovey & purple shoes!"

She's also such a good supporter to her friends-always clapping for them & saying "Good job! I so proud for you!" And she's really sweet too with her friends & giving them compliments out of the blue. On our wagon ride with Carter earlier this week Rylie said "I like dress Carter" when she first saw her. Just genuine sweetness in her!

Rylie still has a memory like an elephant! She still talks in details about the fireworks she saw on 4th of July, and tells people everywhere we go about how she went to Sea World & saw dolphins & penguins & Daddy rode the big scary ride.

She loves her dance class & going to the library with friends & to "church" with Mommy on MOPS days!
She loves seeing her friends & family & is definitely both her Mommy & Daddy's little girl!
I hope I didnt forget anything!

Thought of some things I forgot!
Rylie really loves her school. I cant believe I didnt mention this! Probably because it's not something I do with her. She talks about her teachers & friends there all the time though. One day on the drive home after school Rylie said "I love to go to school." She has fun there & learns a lot too! She's moving up a classroom in October to the 3-4 year old room.

Rylie is also obsessed with "lip stuff." She has a few of her own chapstick tubes that she loves. I have to hide them in my bathroom though or else she'll put the entire tube on in one day.