Monday, August 16, 2010

Week in Fort Worth

You'll have to excuse our blog this week! It's a bit frazzled right now I feel like with scheduled posts not going up like they're supposed to & now I'm trying to catch up! We actually spent most of last week in Fort Worth. David had a training to go to for work & they paid for it, so Rylie & I tagged along! We left Tuesday evening & arrived at our hotel about 11pm.

Wednesday Rylie & I went to our friend Erin & Eric's house & finally got to meet their little guy, Caiden! He'll be 4 months next week. He had just gotten The Very Hungry Caterpillar book so Rylie took it upon herself to read it to him. =)

I'm so glad we made the trip & got some time with Erin & Caiden! (Eric was at work)

Then on Thursday, Erin had her Stroller Rides group that meets Tue/Thur mornings at the Grapevine Mills mall. So Rylie & I drove up there to meet her when that was over. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe there. Rylie & Caiden both loved the aquarium displays in there!

After lunch they both decided they'd had enough & took a good snooze in their strollers while Erin & I did some shopping!

After we got back to the hotel, I gave Rylie her bath & got her jammies on. Didnt take her long at all to pass out! She'd had a busy few days already!

Friday morning Rylie & I got ourselves packed up. Well, she actually did a VeggieTales paint book while Mommy got us packed up! lol We checked out of our hotel & picked up David as he finished his training exam. (And he passed!)

Then we met Erin for lunch & I got some more Caiden snuggles in! Then we had to head out & drive down to Waco!

First, we stopped halfway there so I could get my fix at Chicken Express!

I'm obsessed with these corn nuggets & they're the only place that has them! Soooo good! And they're no longer in Waco, just north.

We arrived in Waco just before 5pm & stopped by the TV station David & I used to work. I had to pick up some things & we caught the 5pm news as it was ending so we walked in the studio for a quick picture!

Rylie decided to apply for a job as a teleprompter!

Then we checked into our hotel in Waco & met my mom for dinner! Isaac's birthday party was Saturday (post coming next!) so we combined the trips to Fort Worth & Waco together. It was pretty hectic, but fun & I'm glad we tagged along & got some time with Erin & Caiden & extra time in Waco too!


~Shelly~ said...

GM mall is THE best :)
And where did u get ur shirt? I want it :) LOL

EMonaghan said...

Lots of fun! Will you send me your pic from Rainforest?

~Shelly~ said...

I forgot.. Bush's has corn nuggets too! THEY ARE AWESOME!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like fun! You know what is in Waco that they don't have anywhere else around here that I loved....Buschs Chicken! I miss that:)

Ashlee McCrary said...

YES, I LOVE BUSH'S CHICKEN! Something extra to look forward to on our next trip up there! =D