Friday, August 6, 2010

Storytime & Charlotte's Return!

Wednesday was our usual library for storytime. We met our friends Cady & Courtney again & even had another friend come too! Charlotte & her Mommy Julee!! If you've been reading my blog this Summer you know I've mentioned several times they've been in China the past 3 months with Julee's husband Rob on his work project. They had a house built while they were gone in our neighborhood. They just got back 2 weeks ago & are now neighbors! They also had a huge surprise for all of us-a new baby on the way! Not a "made in China" baby either. hehe Turns out Julee's great at keeping secrets & they've been pregnant for awhile. They wont tell us yet if it's a boy or a girl, but they know. So that's the update on them. We were so delighted to see them for the first time since their return Wednesday!

Rylie, Cady, & Charlotte doing some little songs. Dont they look like a cute girl band group?

Hehe! Doing another cute song!

Part of  "wheels on the bus"

"Wheels go round & round."

And they all sat so good listening to TWO stories this week. No craft again.

Then we met our friends Owen & Susan for Chick Fil A lunch! The kiddos were all sitting so good together so I had to take another picture!

And a candid one too!

We all couldnt believe how tall Charlotte is now (she turned 3 last week too). I completely forgot to take a picture of Charlotte with her Mommy! We're just oh so happy to have our friends back & extra delighted about the new baby on the way too!

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