Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reading at the Library

Yesterday we returned to our Wednesday routine of going to the local library's storytime! I just took a few pictures after storytime though of the girls reading books in the main library part. Rylie checked out a giant book on the floor.

And so did Cady! I love her expression-like she was caught doing something wrong. lol

Kate helping Rylie put the giant book back. Such teamwork!

Smart girl Cady getting her read on

Kate & Rylie ready to go to lunch!

I wish I'd taken pictures at lunch. The Chick Fil A cow came out & Rylie was so excited! It was dressed as a fireman promoting their Spicy Chicken sandwich. Kate & Cady not so much into the cow, but Rylie was pretty start-struck. She woke up this morning & told me "Cow have fireman." I think she was meaning he has fireman costume on. lol

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