Saturday, August 7, 2010

Old School Saturday-Our 1st Anniversary (Dating)

In May 2006, David & I took a little drive up from Waco to Dallas for our 1st anniversary dating. I remember feeling like one year was such a big deal then! Ha!

It was a big deal for us at the time to just take this little trip. Here's the view from our room at the Sheraton. We felt like this was the nicest place ever at the time! lol It was a really great little getaway.

We had dinner for the first time at Steak & Ale! We dressed up in new clothes & felt so fancy. Hehe!

David in our hotel room. We loved how it had 2 french doors separating the "living room" area & bedroom, yet it wasn't an upgraded suite or anything. We felt so special!

Just me on our drive back home, trying to use up the rest of our film on the camera. lol We only went up for one night & didnt even have money to do anything big but a nice dinner & window shop at the mall, but I remember this trip being so special to us. It was the beginning of something real that would eventually lead to our wedding & having a daughter & the family we are now. And we all know it's really the little things in live that matter the most.

(Note-I scheduled this to post on Saturday & there was an error. =/ )

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