Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old School Saturday-Ohio Trip 2005

Exactly 5 years ago this weekend my mom, sister, & I flew up to Ohio to visit my mom's side of the family. We all got together & celebrated my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary! It was a very big deal for us because we hadnt returned since we moved to Texas 14 years prior!

My grandpa's a retired fireman, so their party was held at the station he used to work & they displayed this sign for them.

Pictures from their wedding & the cake

Cutting the cake, wedding style!

And smashing the cake wedding style!

My Grandparents with their 4 daughters

Me & my Grandma & Grandpa

The next day everybody & their families visited Amish Country near Sugarcreek, Ohio (outside Cleveland). It was the most beautiful place! Seriously looked just like this postcard I bought!

Picture I took of a barn-see? Seriously beautiful scenery!

Horse & buggy! We got to ride in that too.

I wish I had more good pictures but the best ones are in my scrapbook. This Amish Country was amazing! Everything made from scratch without any electricity. I was limited on what I could take pictures of and this was pre-digital camera days as well. I'd LOVE to go back one day & bring David & Rylie. We planned on returning this September for my Grandparent's 55th Anniversary, but that's not going to happen afterall. It's top of our priority on travel list for next year though! And I recommend everybody visit there!

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