Monday, August 9, 2010

Morning Dresser

Rylie's new thing is waking up early & doing everything herself to get ready for the day. Not our choice for her to do this-this is her continuing in this long-running independent phase. I try to catch her before she gets started, but she can be sneaky & quiet at times.

This was last Thursday. She came downstairs & said she was ready for school! Notice her panties are also on inside out. She was very upset I wouldn't allow her out the door in this.

May I also note she's been obsessed with brushing her teeth since her 1st tooth came in practically. She's lately been sneaking up to her room to brush her own teeth. Not joking-she's already ruined one toothbrush from using it too much! I've now gotta hide them.

And this was Saturday morning's dress ensemble!

Yes....the jeans are on backwards & apparently we forgot underwear....or a shirt for that matter.
At least she tries!

[Note: Blogger has been having issues lately actually publishing my posts. One of my posts from Friday wasnt posted anymore, & it's a really cute one, so just scroll down 2 posts & you'll see it if you missed it!]

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Rosie said...

I finally have a minute to comment. These pictures are so cute. The one with the jeans is hilarious! A framer for when she's older.