Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mimi's Great & A Movie Date

Saturday we took Rylie to see her Mimi. They're about to go out of town for a month so they really wanted to get their Rylie fix before they did!

Of course Rylie immediately asked for the green pool! AND her ducky! hehe

"Hmm whatcha got there, Gaga?" She loves Craig so much! It's so cute to see her with him.

We grabbed lunch at one of our favorite places, Cafe Express & near there is CRAVE Cupcake!
So we had to get a few treats to go! We've only been there twice now. It's just a special treat so we dont make it a habit to go a lot.

So when we DO go, I like to savor every moment! haha They really are that good! These flavors were: red velvet on the left with red on top, carrot cake above that, pumpkin to the right, chocolate below, & strawberry (MY FAV!) in the front center. (And yes we just got a Sprinkles Cupcake in last month but every time we've gone by the line's been out the door. I figure the cupcakes will still be there in a few months, so there's no rush to wait an hour now for them! lol)

Then David & I headed out to the movies & saw Salt. It turned out better than we expected! We loved it!

And we saw a great trailer for this movie out next month, You Again!

Can't miss the newest Betty White comedy!

Rylie stayed the night with her Mimi Saturday & did even better in the big girl bed there (this was only her 2nd night in it.) We picked her up Sunday evening after David & I spent the day cleaning house & he worked on some training tests for his work.

Great movie, great time by Rylie, great weekend for us, so thanks to Mimi the great for helping make it happen! What would we do without Grandparents? hehe

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