Friday, August 20, 2010

Look what we're signed up for......

We decided last-minute to sign Rylie up with some friends for dance class. It starts on Monday so I had to rush around getting her things this week. David tried her new dance attire on her the other night & took some pictures. We got her leotard just from Target, tights leftover from last year, and slippers from Payless. Except I already exchanged them for the black ones. I caved yesterday & bought another leotard from a fancy dance store nearby. It was the cheapest one there though! lol I just wanted her to have one that was a little fancier. Anyways, we debated for awhile now: dance or gymnastics. I was really leaning towards gymnastics but Rylie showed more interest in dance. So we'll see how she likes it!

Practicing some moves for the camera!

"I dont know what I'm doing, Mom!"

"So whad-ya think? Do I look ready?!"

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

YEAH! I teach dance to little ones twice a week:) Love it! Savi won't be ready till next year prob, but I'm so readddy!!!