Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Isaac's 5th Birthday, Lunch with Kinley, & Drive Home!

Saturday morning was Isaac's 5th birthday party in Waco! It was at Peter Piper Pizza. Rylie hadnt been back there since she was almost 1 so this time she was old enough to do the fun stuff!

Isaac & Rylie are so cute! After Rylie got off the train, Isaac came up to her & said "Hey Rylie, wanna go play the candy game?" And she said "Yeah!" And they took off together to the candy game!

Isaac riding the cute train!

Rylie took one of her tokens & put it in all by herself & played the candy game. It was her favorite of course. hehe

Trying to get a photo of Rylie & her baby cousin Hayden! This was their first time to meet!

Riding the carousel!

Birthday boy on the carousel!

Rylie & her Grandpa (my dad). I'm sure she remembers him giving her her 1st bite of ice cream at this very place 2 years ago! lol

Time for cake!

Making his wish!

All the kiddos eatin their cake.

Me & Mr Hayden! Yeah...he's eyeing that necklace. He later grabbed it & broke it! lol It's fixable though.

The other kids took a few bites & then left. Not Rylie! Nope, that girl ate all her ice cream!

Hugs! Happy 5th Birthday, Isaac!

After the party we met our friends Shelly, Jeff, and Kinley for lunch! These girls were too funny together! Rylie thought Kinley was the funniest girl & couldnt stop laughing the whole time! We had a fun lunch for sure.

THEN we had to rush back down to Houston for our friends (and new neighbors) Rob & Julee & Charlotte's housewarming/gender reveal party! That blog's coming up next!


~Shelly~ said...

HEHE! Yes we had fun. The girls were toooo funny :) Glad yall had a good trip.

Shay said...

:) i love the sweetie shirt! That place looks like allot of fun!