Monday, August 30, 2010

Haircut & Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party

I have been MIA on our blog for a few days now. I skipped another Old School Saturday post this week as well. I dont think anybody cares if I do that lol but just stating. It's been really busy in our house lately!

Saturday morning our priority was taking Rylie to get her haircut! I dont think her last one in June was a great cut, because she's already been needing another one for about a month now! She got a nice trim tho Saturday & sadly the carousel was broken so no horsy ride this time.

After her haircut we took Rylie to her friend Charlotte's 3rd birthday party! Her mom did a great job putting together a "Wizard of Oz" theme party for her!

Such a cute idea for a birthday party!

Rylie & Charlotte pushing their buggies

The best shot I got of Charlotte's adorable Dorothy outfit!

Rylie loved Charlotte's cute little vanity! We almost bought Rylie one for Christmas last year but I didnt think she'd use it. Now I'm convinced she'd love one from Santa this year!

Jaiden was so cute playing with Charlotte's toy hairdryer & pretending to do his hair. He also ran around the whole time calling Charlotte his girlfriend. hehe!

Kendall & Rylie gathering things to put in their "purses"

All the kiddos eating lunch together
(Rylie front center then left to her Charlotte, Jaiden, Cady, Raegan, and front right is a little girl named Olivia)

After lunch the kiddos were wound up! Rylie, Charlotte, Jaiden, and Cady started running around the house chasing each other.

Cady thought it was so funny!

Then it was time for cake!

After cake, we all went down the street to our neighborhood pool (only 2 guests dont live in our neighborhood but were allowed to come as guests of ours) I got a cute picture of Raegan in the pool!

And just one of Rylie came out. The rest were blurry or foggy. We stayed until the pool closed & had so much fun!

Thanks for the invite Charlotte! Hope your birthday celebration was all you hoped it would be!

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