Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Gender Reveal Party!

Saturday evening our friends Rob, Julee, & their little girl Charlotte had a double housewarming/gender reveal party! We couldn't miss this, so we hurried back down to Houston after lunch in Waco. We had to wear the color we thought the new baby would be, so we all dressed in pink! (Well, David wore red, but he taped a pink paper to his shirt lol)

 All the kids were outside playing & Rylie found Charlotte's power 4-wheeler. She loved this thing! She'd never driving a powered vehicle thing before so maybe after seeing this Santa might receive a special request this Christmas ;-)

Owen was so funny & just waaatccched Rylie driving that thing!

Then he decided to help her with it! hehe They were laughing so hard!

Then Owen got a turn driving it around! The kids ended up forming a train behind him. So cute!

Rylie & some girlfriends Kate & Charlotte playing inside

Kate's baby sister Ella-such a doll! I missed a photo of Ethan, but I did get to hold them both! Lemme just say.....I held 3 babies in that one Saturday & of those 3, 1 broke my necklace & the other upchucked on me. Maybe I should rethink more kids. LOL I'm just kidding!!!! It wasnt that bad!

Rylie & Cady playing outside some more. Telling you...that 4-wheeler was a hit!

Finally they called everyone in & said they were going to make "the announcement." They passed out brownies & said when we take a bite, the inside color will show what the gender is. Cute!!
Soo.....they're having a......

I coulda sworn I'd called it on this one, but so excited for another boy in the mix!

Congratulations Julee, Rob, & Charlotte on your new baby BOY coming this December!

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Rosie said...

What a cute idea for gender reveal!