Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday Madness & Family Reunion

I'm going to have to backtrack here & fill all this in one post since I'm behind!

Last Friday Rylie & I met some friends for lunch & then took our kiddos to a cute lil cupcake place near downtown Houston. All Rylie wanted was a "pink chachie (chocolate) cupcake." She ate a great lunch & got her requested treat! (I didnt even pull my camera out to get pics of the other kids this time, sorry!)

After we had our cupcakes & rushed home to nap, Rylie had a school party Friday afternoon. It was their "End of Summer Luau" party! Rylie had fun seeing her school friends & teachers. This was the only party she got to attend in this classroom since there werent any this Summer. So we didnt want to miss this!

Then we went back home, packed up & headed up to Waco again! We grabbed a quick dinner with my mom at one of our favorite places, Bush's Chicken! They have the BEST sweet tea & chicken tenders in the world! And after so many comments mentioning it after my post last week about Chicken Express, I had to check out Bush's Chicken's new corn nuggets! Finally a place in Waco has them! I'm just waiting for a franchise to open in Houston. Any takers? hehe!

Saturday was my Louis Family Reunion on my Dad's side of the family! We had a GREAT turn out this year!

Representing our side of the family!

Our reunion was on this beautiful lake & horses would just walk up & drink the water.

Rylie made a new friend for life! This little girl Jaden is a little more than 1 year older than Rylie. Rylie became attached to her instantly & followed her around & played with her the entire time! I remember when it was me, my sister, & cousin Vanessa who used to be the little ones at the reunion running around. Now it's the next generation!

Jaden shared her baby doll with Rylie (at least I hope Rylie didnt just take it from her! lol) This picture warms my heart. So sweet.

The site has a great little pool too & Rylie begged to go in from the moment we arrived! I didnt think she'd even want to given her recent dislike of swimming or putting her floaty on, but not anymore! She put her mermaid floaty on & at first sat by the side...

Then when Jaden got in, she followed too! Rylie is so sweet. As soon as Jaden got in the pool, Rylie looked at her & said "I like swimsuit Jaden." How freakin sweet was that?! I was just in Ahhh hearing her say that.

We had a really great time there & headed straight home Saturday evening. We had plans Sunday to get Rylie's haircut for the new school year but we were all extremely exhausted from the weekend & just lounged around the house instead. It's already been a hectic week, but I'll have to go more in detail tomorrow!


Rosie said...

Sounds like you had fun! Such a beautiful location.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Looks like a great time! And yes..yummy Buschs' Chicken!

Ashley said...

Was blog hopping from Kelley's blog and noticed you have family in Waco. I have two brother in laws and their families who live there :) Just thought I would share and say hi!

p.s. Bush's is the BEST! they don't have one here in Phoenix either!