Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friday Funday Full of Friends!

Friday Rylie & I met some friends at our neighborhood pool for a swim playdate!

 We arrived when it opened at 10am but it was still so hot already! We were glad to finally have a break from all the rain, as we hadn't been swimming here since 4 of July probably!

All the kids brought their floaties & toys! I wish I'd gotten a picture of all the kids in their puddle jumpers like Owen. They were so cute each with their own different one!

Of course their favorite thing was the water slide! Cady was so cute going up the stairs backwards. She's always setting a new trend!

They all did great sharing pool toys & playing together.

I wish we could've stayed longer, but Rylie ended up having an accident. (Yes, another one!) I think she was having way too much fun to stop & tell me she needed to go. So we just decided to head out early. Next time we'll stay longer I hope but we did have fun while we were there!

So we got home & cleaned up & I put Rylie's hair in french braids for the 1st time! They're far from perfect lol but I havent done french braids in many years (prolly since I taught myself how to do them on Barbie dolls-that long ago!) But it looked cute on Rylie! And we headed out to Katy to meet David's mom & her best friend Janie!

They were so awesome to allow us to eat lunch at their Rainforest Cafe so Rylie could see the animals! It'd been almost a year since we last took Rylie here. But she's been asking for the elephants & such from the circus so we thought she'd love coming here for lunch!

David's mom (Mimi) & Janie

Rylie & Mommy after lunch. We had a really good time & Rylie kept waving hi to the monkey swinging above us. Definitely a nice treat!

Then we stopped by Gap in the mall there & got some great deals & went to Janie's house to visit & look at scrapbooks! We're so glad we got to do this again, as we haven't been back since last year! Rylie again was passed out 5 minutes after we left Janies headed back home! We had a great time & hopefully we can do this again before next Summer!

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Becca - said...

How funny.......we just got back from the Rainforest Cafe!! Rylie's hair looks precious! Also, I have some Red Lobster coupons for ya! he he!