Thursday, August 5, 2010


So I think this is what some parents were talking about when they said turning 3 is worse than turning 2 for kiddos. Rylie's been going through some changes lately. I'm sure they're normal, but I honestly dont know. I've never had a 2-year-old-about-to-turn-3 before! Ha! And they're not terrible. Just changes. So please if you see me writing on here Rylie doing so great at this or that & then next week she's the completely opposite, just know I promise I'm not lying when I mention the good parts! Rylie has been doing the turnaround on some things lately & I've never been one to "sugar coat" something on the blog. I've always been honest with hurdles we've crossed with her with teething, feedings, potty training, school, toddler bed, etc.

So onto the changes.....Rylie had a total of 3 potty accidents last week. She has a new teacher at school as well. Rylie hasnt shown a love for swimming lately. She wants to go to the pool & only go down the slide over & over. But she used to love the water & kick her legs in it. Not anymore. I'm thinking the swim floaty wont get used again til next year. She's also still in a not-hungry phase. At least she wont eat her usual foods she used to love. She requested mac & cheese one day so I made it & then she wouldnt eat any. She used to also gobble up meatballs but wont eat them either. Same for apple sauce. And also lately Rylie's started to refuse her nap. Her new thing is "layer (later)" for everything. "I go bed layer." Even bedtime has it's hurdles a few nights. She still loves her big girl bed & she's done pretty good in it lately. She just comes downstairs about 630 or 7 every morning &  climbs in bed with me as I'm waking up. We lay there awhile talkin & then get up & start our day. If she comes downstairs any sooner, I send her right back up to her room. Naptimes though are another story. She gets clingy towards me & her teachers at school said she hasnt been napping there either (nor eating much lunch). We've also got the yelling tantrums starting. She's started throwing fits in public (ya know, the ones we all saw kids doing before we had kids of our own & swore ours would never do that? hehe!). And when we pick her up to take her outside for timeout, she screams in our faces. Once we sit her in timeout though she cries for 2 sec & then stops & calms down. So they're at least short tantrums!

Sooooo we've had quite a bit of changes with our girl the past 2 weeks. Things are different than I've previously noted. I'm not sure if it's just a growth spurt or maybe finishing up the molars? Or it could just be one of those things every kid comes across at this age? Who knows. Please bear with us through this roller coaster! And friendly advice/support is always welcome. ;-)


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I have no advice, I'm following your lead...ha! But good luck and prayers are sent your way:) I'm sure it is just a phase

~Shelly~ said...

Oh u are not alone by any means! Kinley has pretty much been in the terrible two stage since she was born HAHA so I suspect 3's will be just the same. Im sure since Rylie has a new teacher its not helping with the potty silly as it seems its something that really happens.
Kinley has recently stopped eating as well. She only wants cereal for every meal. But thats fine with me!
Hang in there- every kid goes thru it. I remember Dylan & Emily going thru the same things as well.

Kristen and Andy said...

Hi - I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say you are definitely not alone with an almost 3 year old and their many changes. My daughter, Brooklynn will be 3 in November and I could have pretty much written that exact same post about her - I think the 3's are going to be a whole new ballgame!
Rylie is just too precious - I'll definitely have to continue to visit your blog to see how much of the same stuff you're going through too :) Hope you have a great week!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Thank you all for the kind support! I'm relieved I'm not alone but also feeling for you guys goin through the same thing. Ha!

It was nice to meet you Kristen. A great thing about the blogging world is gathering advice from others going through the same thing as you & I fully take advantage of that too!