Monday, August 2, 2010

Bob & Larry!

David & I had a surprise for Rylie this past weekend! Our friend Laurie told us about a Lifeway Christian store having a VeggieTales day on Saturday where kids could meet Bob & Larry! We were already planning on taking her to our local Lifeway store for the Princess & Superheroes day they were having, but when we heard about this other store having actual Bob & Larry there, we couldnt pass that up!

But we didnt want to get Rylie's hopes up so we didnt tell her. Friday night I told her she outta sleep with Bob & she fell asleep on him in the media room while watching TV. She actually had her arm around him too but moved it before I took this picture.

I stayed up late Friday night making Rylie this special tshirt for her to wear Saturday! It says "Bob & Larry's cutest fan!" And I brought her small Bob & Larry with us. We grabbed donuts to go & drove the 40 min to this Lifeway store. When we finally got there (an hour before it started hehe) we finally told her what was going on! She had a big smile walking into the store!

We registered to win tickets for the VeggieTales Live! show that's coming next month. Then we hung out. This was Rylie with the VeggieTales display!

Then our friends Laurie, Chad, Jaiden & Maggie arrived! I told Rylie to stand by Jaiden for a picture & this was what she did! How cute! Jaiden was messin with me tho & made me work for a smile!

Finally got them to laugh!

Love these pictures of them! They were both so excited to meet their Veggie friends!

Sweet Maggie waiting in line with us! I was disappointed the store wasnt ver organized with this. We were waiting for them to announce they were coming out, as we were told they'd be at the front of the store. So that's where we stood. Then I looked back & saw them at the back & they'd already been out awhile! Nobody was telling us where to line up or where to go. Just a huge mob of people surrounded them. Finally a lady said the line went this way so we stood in it. Others....not so much. Just walking right up & crowding around him. Kinda chaotic!

Finally it was our turn! (And I had to ask some people to step back so I could get a picture with just our child. Some people are just so rude.) Rylie couldnt have been happier to meet them! She told us the whole time we were waiting that she was gonna say to Bob & Larry she loved them & she did!

Family shot! (Yes, I did a bad job photoshopping out a kid on the left of Larry who wouldnt get out of our picture.)

Then as we were leaving, the Chick Fil A cow came by! Rylie LOVES the Chick Fil A cow! She was probably as excited to see him as she was Bob & Larry! lol And he gave her a coupon for free kids meal. Sweet!

It was crazy, but definitely worth the effort for Rylie Saturday! And we had fun seeing our friends there too! We all grabbed lunch at a favorite of all of ours-Cheddars nearby & headed home. It was such a great day!

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