Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Twinkle Toes

Yesterday was Rylie's 1st dance class! She's been very excited about dance class for weeks now. Sunday morning she even put on this dance leotard all by herself & said "go dance cwass?" lol

We were very eager & arrived early. Cady came early too & these 2 were laughing & dancing-very excited about class!

Then Kendall arrived & asked Rylie if she would dance with her lol Rylie said yes & Kendall grabbed her hands & they started dancing together!

Then Miss Bri called the girls into class. That's when I realized I hadnt talked to Rylie about how she's going in by herself & Mommy stays outside the class. I was worried about how she'd take it, but she was such a big girl! Just walked on in, sat by her teacher & didnt phase her at all Mommy wasnt there.

They started their stretches & then they closed the door =(

Quite a few Mommies (including myself of course) took photos through the glass window. The girls did a few stretches, lined up in a line & learned how to stand (first position I'm guessing? I dunno) Then they all sat down against the wall & took turns walking over to Miss Bri in different ways. First they had to hop over to her with both legs at the same time. I'm not sure if they were supposed to be together or not, but Rylie got the hopping part down!

Then they took turns walking backwards to Miss Bri & back.

Just a cute picture of Rylie's friends in class with her: Kendall, Cady, Kate & then Rylie!

Then they were given little wands & learned to walk with pointing their toes too

After the 30 minute class was over, they got stickers! Miss Bri told them to put their hands on their heads to get stickers. Kate & Rylie waited patiently to get theirs.

Rylie had so much fun in class & couldn't wait to tell Daddy all about it when he got home from work! They dont have class next Monday for Labor Day so I'm bummed we have to wait another 2 weeks to go back. We're loving it so far!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Haircut & Charlotte's 3rd Birthday Party

I have been MIA on our blog for a few days now. I skipped another Old School Saturday post this week as well. I dont think anybody cares if I do that lol but just stating. It's been really busy in our house lately!

Saturday morning our priority was taking Rylie to get her haircut! I dont think her last one in June was a great cut, because she's already been needing another one for about a month now! She got a nice trim tho Saturday & sadly the carousel was broken so no horsy ride this time.

After her haircut we took Rylie to her friend Charlotte's 3rd birthday party! Her mom did a great job putting together a "Wizard of Oz" theme party for her!

Such a cute idea for a birthday party!

Rylie & Charlotte pushing their buggies

The best shot I got of Charlotte's adorable Dorothy outfit!

Rylie loved Charlotte's cute little vanity! We almost bought Rylie one for Christmas last year but I didnt think she'd use it. Now I'm convinced she'd love one from Santa this year!

Jaiden was so cute playing with Charlotte's toy hairdryer & pretending to do his hair. He also ran around the whole time calling Charlotte his girlfriend. hehe!

Kendall & Rylie gathering things to put in their "purses"

All the kiddos eating lunch together
(Rylie front center then left to her Charlotte, Jaiden, Cady, Raegan, and front right is a little girl named Olivia)

After lunch the kiddos were wound up! Rylie, Charlotte, Jaiden, and Cady started running around the house chasing each other.

Cady thought it was so funny!

Then it was time for cake!

After cake, we all went down the street to our neighborhood pool (only 2 guests dont live in our neighborhood but were allowed to come as guests of ours) I got a cute picture of Raegan in the pool!

And just one of Rylie came out. The rest were blurry or foggy. We stayed until the pool closed & had so much fun!

Thanks for the invite Charlotte! Hope your birthday celebration was all you hoped it would be!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Ok, let me fill you all in on what's been goin on lately. I havent even mentioned this to but about 2 people, but some might have noticed how extra busy I've been lately. Most of you probably havent noticed. About 2 weeks ago I just decided it might be time to go back to work, like full time & put Rylie in full time at her school. Her school just also happened to have a position open. (I have years experience working in a childcare center at my church back in Waco.) So I went to apply. Well, that job was just filled that day. The school recommended their other location 10 min down the road. So I headed straight there & turned in an application for their full-time morning position. The next day (while we were in Ft Worth at the time) I got a call from the Director of that school wanting to see me right away & sounded like if the interview went well I'd be hired right then. Well, I was in Ft Worth the remainder of that week, so last Monday I finally had my interview with them. I was soooo nervous! But apparently I did great because I was hired on the spot! It was a half-day shift though Monday-Friday, working afternoons into the evening as Assistant Teacher to 18-24 month olds. I immediately started training & completed my 15 hours last Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday I spent the whole day while Rylie was at school catching up on housework, errands, & getting my paperwork complete to start work. Friday we left out of town. Then this past Monday I began my first day on the job! And then I realized it wasnt a good fit for me. =( The hours mostly are what's not working for our family. I dont get off work until 6:30 & get home about 6:45, only to see Rylie for a few hours before bedtime. What's the point of that? She was in school in the mornings a few days a week but then I was working late afternoons. Plus we were going to have to move her out of her school & into this other location which would've been a huge change for her. Additionally, all the requirements to work there: CPR class, fingerprint checks, uniform purchases, plus extra tuition costs for Rylie to attend every day now just wasnt worth it for only a part-time shift. I believe I rushed into going back to work too soon. So I will only be there until next Friday unless they find a replacement sooner. The ladies at the school were completely understanding in my decision! The school was great & the job was perfect for me, but it just wasnt a good fit overall.

So on top of all that, Rylie was supposed to start her 1st dance class on Monday morning. She woke up with a 101 temp though. After 1 dose of Motrin, the fever was gone by 10 am. But I still didnt want to risk it, so David came home early so I could make my first day of work. Tuesday morning, however Rylie & I both had upset tummies! It was so awful. She was gettin sick in our master bathtub while I was sick at the toilet next to her. NOT FUN! Poor David had to come home early again to help us out. We were both fine though by early afternoon. And her fever still never came back. I had to call in sick to work though. Today Rylie woke up crying & wanting me to hold her. She didnt have a fever but I thought we better play it safe & stay home from the library & go see the doctor.

This was Rylie this morning right after she woke up. I got her dressed & she looked pale. I thought she might get sick again so I told her to hold this bucket while I called her Dr office. When I looked back at her she'd fallen asleep on the bucket! Poor girl. Doctor said it's just a tummy bug though & she should be fine in another day or 2. So I've called in sick to work again (they probably love me by now, huh?) to stay home with Rylie since David cant take off again. It's just another day of rest & meds & pedialyte for us!

This week's only half over & we're already done with it lol

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Friday Madness & Family Reunion

I'm going to have to backtrack here & fill all this in one post since I'm behind!

Last Friday Rylie & I met some friends for lunch & then took our kiddos to a cute lil cupcake place near downtown Houston. All Rylie wanted was a "pink chachie (chocolate) cupcake." She ate a great lunch & got her requested treat! (I didnt even pull my camera out to get pics of the other kids this time, sorry!)

After we had our cupcakes & rushed home to nap, Rylie had a school party Friday afternoon. It was their "End of Summer Luau" party! Rylie had fun seeing her school friends & teachers. This was the only party she got to attend in this classroom since there werent any this Summer. So we didnt want to miss this!

Then we went back home, packed up & headed up to Waco again! We grabbed a quick dinner with my mom at one of our favorite places, Bush's Chicken! They have the BEST sweet tea & chicken tenders in the world! And after so many comments mentioning it after my post last week about Chicken Express, I had to check out Bush's Chicken's new corn nuggets! Finally a place in Waco has them! I'm just waiting for a franchise to open in Houston. Any takers? hehe!

Saturday was my Louis Family Reunion on my Dad's side of the family! We had a GREAT turn out this year!

Representing our side of the family!

Our reunion was on this beautiful lake & horses would just walk up & drink the water.

Rylie made a new friend for life! This little girl Jaden is a little more than 1 year older than Rylie. Rylie became attached to her instantly & followed her around & played with her the entire time! I remember when it was me, my sister, & cousin Vanessa who used to be the little ones at the reunion running around. Now it's the next generation!

Jaden shared her baby doll with Rylie (at least I hope Rylie didnt just take it from her! lol) This picture warms my heart. So sweet.

The site has a great little pool too & Rylie begged to go in from the moment we arrived! I didnt think she'd even want to given her recent dislike of swimming or putting her floaty on, but not anymore! She put her mermaid floaty on & at first sat by the side...

Then when Jaden got in, she followed too! Rylie is so sweet. As soon as Jaden got in the pool, Rylie looked at her & said "I like swimsuit Jaden." How freakin sweet was that?! I was just in Ahhh hearing her say that.

We had a really great time there & headed straight home Saturday evening. We had plans Sunday to get Rylie's haircut for the new school year but we were all extremely exhausted from the weekend & just lounged around the house instead. It's already been a hectic week, but I'll have to go more in detail tomorrow!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old School Saturday-Ohio Trip 2005

Exactly 5 years ago this weekend my mom, sister, & I flew up to Ohio to visit my mom's side of the family. We all got together & celebrated my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary! It was a very big deal for us because we hadnt returned since we moved to Texas 14 years prior!

My grandpa's a retired fireman, so their party was held at the station he used to work & they displayed this sign for them.

Pictures from their wedding & the cake

Cutting the cake, wedding style!

And smashing the cake wedding style!

My Grandparents with their 4 daughters

Me & my Grandma & Grandpa

The next day everybody & their families visited Amish Country near Sugarcreek, Ohio (outside Cleveland). It was the most beautiful place! Seriously looked just like this postcard I bought!

Picture I took of a barn-see? Seriously beautiful scenery!

Horse & buggy! We got to ride in that too.

I wish I had more good pictures but the best ones are in my scrapbook. This Amish Country was amazing! Everything made from scratch without any electricity. I was limited on what I could take pictures of and this was pre-digital camera days as well. I'd LOVE to go back one day & bring David & Rylie. We planned on returning this September for my Grandparent's 55th Anniversary, but that's not going to happen afterall. It's top of our priority on travel list for next year though! And I recommend everybody visit there!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Look what we're signed up for......

We decided last-minute to sign Rylie up with some friends for dance class. It starts on Monday so I had to rush around getting her things this week. David tried her new dance attire on her the other night & took some pictures. We got her leotard just from Target, tights leftover from last year, and slippers from Payless. Except I already exchanged them for the black ones. I caved yesterday & bought another leotard from a fancy dance store nearby. It was the cheapest one there though! lol I just wanted her to have one that was a little fancier. Anyways, we debated for awhile now: dance or gymnastics. I was really leaning towards gymnastics but Rylie showed more interest in dance. So we'll see how she likes it!

Practicing some moves for the camera!

"I dont know what I'm doing, Mom!"

"So whad-ya think? Do I look ready?!"