Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swimming & New Bed at Mimi's!

After the circus Saturday morning we headed over to Mimi's house. Rylie hadn't seen her Mimi & Gaga in about a month, so she was excited to go over there! I told her Gaga had a surprise for her & all morning she repeated "Gaga has 'prise!"

He'd bought her a little pool for her to splash around in & keep cool! They always like to sit outside but it'd gotten so hot for Rylie & she had nothing to do.

She loves her new pool!

She was telling me something with great enthusiasm.

She didnt even have pool toys & didnt need them either! She had such a ball with just a few cups & splashing around!

Being silly! (And please ignore her swimsuit that's huge on her. I swear she has 10 suits & only 2 fit her right. This one's even a size smaller than what she wears!)

Thanks Mimi & Gaga for having our girl over! She always has a blast when visiting!

And now she has her own big girl bed to sleep in at Mimi's house! Before she'd just sleep on her nap mat on the floor or we'd bring her foldout couch. But now that she's been in toddler bed at home, we got a gate (Thanks Susan!) for this twin bed & she's a big girl now!

Sweet, sweet girl.

David & I were going to have a date night while Rylie stayed at Mimi's, but we decided to just stay there for some good dinner & company instead. Rylie stayed the night & David got her after working at his church Sunday morning. Then we spent allllll afternoon/night working in our yard. It was much needed after all that rain we had! Speaking of....I really miss it. The heat is back with full force!

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Rosie said...

What a silly girl in her pool!