Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Swimming & Dinner with Friends

Yesterday was Rylie's friend (and our neighbor) Jaiden's actual 3rd birthday! They called us up & said they were heading to the pool & asked us to join them. We rarely get to see them anymore & you can read why here on their family blog. So any chance we can get together with them, we try to jump on it! David had the day off so he got to join in on the fun!

Rylie & Jaiden had a ball playing together & going down the water slide!

Then our other neighbors showed up too-Masen & Malek with their parents!

The kiddos sitting out during lifeguard's break.
Jaiden, twins Masen (l) & Malek (r), Rylie

Playing in the kiddie pool. She loves just filling up that bucket with water & then dumping it out. Who knew that $1 toy we got for Galveston would get so much use this Summer? hehe We played at the pool for over an hour & a half, then headed home for naps.

Then we joined our friends again for dinner to help celebrate Jaiden's birthday at Chuy's! I can't believe the boy is already THREE! Wow and Rylie's not far behind. These kids grow way too fast!!


Julee Casey said...

How fun! I can't believe that these kids are and soon will be 3 years old!! This is such a fun age. Can't wait get the girls together... not too much longer. Charlotte talks about playing dress up with her girlfriends! I think a princess play date is a must! Ahh Chuy's!! That is also a must when I come home!!

Shay said...

That is an AWESOME pool! Looks like so much fun!