Friday, July 23, 2010

She Loves Books & Storytime!

Rylie has always loved her books & our nightly bedtime story reading. I cant stop buying her books either! I'd rather invest money in books that will last a lifetime, than toys she'll outgrow in a year.

 Lately, after we read her a bedtime story, she takes the book from us & says "I'm-a read!" Notice how she holds the book with her left hand. She first makes sure she's holding it with her pinky & thumb. I guess she got this from her teachers at school because that's not how we've been holding her books! I love how she picks up on everything these days!

I also got a new video of her reading her favorite, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." Yall know she's been reading it for awhile, but I wanted video of  her improvement since the last time I videotaped her reading it. She can actually tell the story without the book too. We went to Barnes N Noble a few weeks back to get more books & found the actual caterpillar-$20! Yikes! Then I found a cuter caterpillar at the $1 store that she loves! We also recently bought "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" game that we've been waiting anxiously for her to be old enough to play it before buying. It just thrills me that she loves her stories & grows up with these special favorites!

Then on Wednesday we joined Rylie's friend Cady for Tales for Toddlers at the local library! I just knew Rylie would love this!

I'm so in love with this candid picture of them! Our girls were so good the whole time too!

I thought it would just be a lady reading a bunch of stories, but it was so much more! She first came around with a bear that Rylie called "Little Bear" (we've been reading those stories & watching the videos too!) Then they sang a few songs that were so cute!

Then she read a cute froggy story. This week's theme was on frogs-Rylie's & my favorite!

Then they made a cute frog craft!

Our girls so proud of their artwork! We had such a fun time & best of all-it was FREE!

Rylie & I had some time to kill when it was over so we explored the library a little & read a few books. Then we met Cady & Owen for lunch. We're thinking this will be our new Wednesday weekly thing!

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