Monday, July 26, 2010

San Antonio & Sea World Weekend

So this past weekend our San Antonio/Sea World trip had finally arrived! We headed out on Friday evening as soon as David got home from work.

Rylie was already bathed & in pj's (gotta have the Buc-ee's shirt!) and I was her co-passenger in the backseat.

This was our 1st time to use our portable DVD holder. We'd usually just rigged it on the seat before but now we have this holder for it. And yes, we're probably the only people with a car that doesnt have a built-in DVD player. But when I picked out & bought my car 3 years ago while pregnant with Rylie, it didnt occur to me she'd want a DVD player years down the road. So this works for us & did great on the 4 1/2 hour trip. She didnt make a peep or whine to get up or anything. We didnt have to make any stops! This was our 1st big trip since she's been fully potty trained too!

So we arrived in San Antonio late Friday evening at my Aunt Rose Ann & Uncle Al's place. They've been begging us to come visit them for years now & we'd been wanting to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas since David & I started dating because we both love water parks & he loves roller coasters. But we decided Sea World was best for Rylie right now so we finally made this visit happen!

Saturday we got up early & Aunt Rose Ann made us a yummy breakfast so we filled up! Then we headed to Sea World. My aunt & uncle's neighborhood get a lot of deer daily!

Finally at Sea World!

We came prepared for the heat with this stroller fan for Rylie.

First we went to the kiddie rides while the lines were short. This was the only ride Rylie was tall enough to ride. There was a cute whale roller coaster but Rylie was way too short for it. She loved this ride tho!

Then David wanted to ride the big rides while those lines were still short. First he went on this roller coaster that Rylie calls the "big scary ride." Rylie & I cooled off in a little shop nearby while he rode. Then there was no line so he rode it again!

There he is!

The penguin exhibit was next to the roller coaster so we did that next. Very dark tho so not good pictures!

And then we took David to the next big ride! The Great White! Rylie & I sat in the shade & she just loved watching this ride go over & over!

After that we were all ready for some shade & cooling off! So we went to our first show, a new one called Azul. Of course, after we sit down & get comfy & David leaves to get us lemonades Rylie says she has to go potty! Grr. So I had to call David to rush back without the drinks, then I rushed her on out to go potty & get our drinks all within 10 min before the show started! lol The show was great tho! Kinda like a circus show but on water & with dolphins & whales.

We all loved this show!

Ok, after seeing Azul, we figured we'd walk over to where the main Shamu show, Believe was at. They say to arrive at shows 20 min prior to start time, but I thought we'll get there an hour before start time, get some ice cream & get good seats. Apparently everybody else had that same thought! This is where things turned.....stressful! There was a HUGE crowd of people outside the doors to this show, again an hour before it started. I told David I'll stand in line with Rylie to get in while you go get our ice cream snacks. So you cant take strollers into the shows, so I parked ours & was then carrying Rylie's bag, my purse, & our souvenir bag & holding Rylie's hand. We're standing in blazing sunlight at 2pm with a huge crowd of people around us. Rylie started whining for me to hold her & refused to hold my hand. So I'm struggling to try to hold her & all of our things. Finally they let us go in & start sitting down. Everybody rushing on in not even caring who's beside them trying to fight for good seats. I was so worried for Rylie getting stomped on, so we walked slowly on the very outside of the crowd & headed to the stairs on the far end, thinking less crowds! We got to the bottom of the steps & there were no more seats. So we had to head back up to the top & walk to another section to look for seats. I was so ready to just leave & sit down somewhere! I called David & he'd just gotten our ice cream so we found him & finally found other seats in the middle section. Stressful!

So we're finally sitting down & cooling off with the stroller fan & water & our ice cream treats. Then....again....10 min before the show Rylie says she has to go potty. I swear we ask her while we're outside yall! lol So I grab her & we're hauling up the stairs, through the huge mob of people still trying to get in, run across to the restroom, she goes, we wash hands, & we're running back. Then we had to fight through the huge mob of people standing at the top of the stadium wanting to see the show & barely make it back in time!

I honestly wish I could say that Shamu show "Believe" was worth all that trouble! lol It was kind of a disappointment. It was only 20 min long & mostly just dramatic music while the whales swam underwater & we couldn't see them. They did a few jumps, & they kept showing these videos on the screen that weren't entertaining.

This little girl got to go out there & "meet" Shamu at the end.

So after that, we decided a nice relaxing afternoon in the waterpark sounded great! So we headed over there, only to stand in this line to get in there!
Left side of the line....

Right side of the line...
It's hard to tell in the pictures but these lines were double wide as well! It took us 40 minutes about to get through to get inside the waterpark. They have to control the number of people in there for lifeguard-swimmer ratio safety reasons.

After all that trouble, we got in & saw this way crowded wave pool! There was no where for us to sit or put our things or for Rylie to even get in! It was crazy! So we decided to just give up on that & head on out & go swimming at Aunt Rosie's house where we have the pool to ourselves! lol

We made our last stop heading out to see the dolphins cove. Rylie's favorite! That's all she'd talked about for weeks was getting to see the dolphins like the ones in The Little Mermaid!

We took a few of our own souvenir photos & then headed out! It was a good visit overall, but way overwhelming & hotter than ever. I dont think we'll ever go back on a Saturday in July! ha

We got back to Aunt Rosie & Uncle Al's house & cousin Al came by with his girlfriend & kids to visit. Uncle Al grilled some good ribs for us & we had a great dinner!

Then Rylie & I went in the pool for awhile, where Rylie ended up not wanting to even get in! She just wanted to sit on the steps & wouldn't even wear her floaty this time. We were all shocked! So we got out & watched the moon rise & some airplanes fly over. I'm sad this is the only picture I got of my Aunt & Uncle all weekend.

Sunday morning we had another good breakfast from Aunt Rose Ann & visited for a few hours. Then we loaded up & headed out. We stopped for a late lunch at a new place we'd never tried, Mimi's Cafe. It was really good!!! I wish we had one near us. Then we finished our drive home, where Rylie slept almost the entire way. It was a nice getaway & fun weekend visiting family & we're so thankful for Aunt Rose Ann & Uncle Al for hosting us & letting us make this trip! Can't wait to see you guys again!


~Shelly~ said...

Kinley did the SAME thing with the whole potty thing. Wouldn't go at all or would drag me in there and then not have to go. But Shamu- she missed the first 5 mins bc she HAD to go potty! GRR! Shamu was ok.. not near as good as it used to be.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Oh man that does sound a tad stressful. Glad you had fun! The dolphins are my fav!