Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rylie Q&A

Here's a little video I took Monday of some of Rylie's current knowledge!

Additionally, she's turning 3 in less than 3 months!
Here's some recent things she's also doing.....
-Current sayings "I did it!"... "No, not yet."..."Welllll"...."I me help you!"
-Huge improvement in putting words together for sentences. (e.g. She used to just say "Music!" in the car when she wanted her music turned on. Now she says, "Turn on music, please!" Just improved to this in a few weeks. Now everything's in full sentences.)
-She loves the music video on her Little Mermaid movie for Ashley Tisdale's "Kiss the Girl." We watch it probably at least 5 times a day! We all have it memorized & sing along.
-She's in a huge "not hungry" phase right now. She's always been a good breakfast eater & still is. But getting her to eat lunch or dinner lately is like pulling teeth! She only wants mac & cheese, yogurt, & sometimes a few crackers. We've cut out all snacks too. Hopefully it's a short phase! Bribing her has been the only thing to work right now.
-She's now become terrified of swimming. Now this girl's always been a huge fan of swimming & being in the water. She's loved her baths since day 1. She's always loved being in the pool. I dont know what has started this but just this past week or 2, she's not wanted to go in the water. She just wants to sit on the side & splash & this past weekend refused to even wear her floaties! I'm sure it's just another phase because nothing traumatic has happened to her in the pool. Not sure where this has come from?
-She loves playing "where's _____ go?" She's always hiding her kitty or lovey behind her back or something & asking us where it went. Then she flings it out with a huge grin on her face.
-We're pretty much done with sippy cups. She drinks from only regular big-girl cups at home & usually from straws when we're running around. I'll only pack a sippy cup if it's for her to drink in the car or something when we need extra reassurance it wont get spilled.
-She loves to line up her toys in a row. She gets her big toys in the living room & puts them in a line from biggest to smallest (her blocks wagon, strollers, shopping cart, etc) and sometimes she drags them all into Mommy & Daddy's room to line them up in there.
-She loves to "read" her books back to Mommy & Daddy after we've read them to her at bedtime.
-She's still the primary one to say the prayer at dinnertime & bedtime. She loves to say it!
-She loves to watch these videos of herself & always asks to watch "Rylie video" on our YouTube. lol

I think that's about it! At least all I can think of now! Wow....just a few short months & she'll be THREE! Can't even believe it. =)

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