Friday, July 2, 2010

Playing in the Rain & PJ Day

Tuesday after school I took Rylie to Target to get this sprinkler ball. I saw it back in February when they first were getting out Summer items but thought I'd just get it later. Then I completely forgot about it until last Friday when Rylie got to go to her splash pad day at school, where they have a HUGE ball that shoots out water. They said Rylie had the time of her life with that so I knew I had to rush & get this one before it was gone!

We've had rain all this week thanks to Hurricane Alex down in the Gulf. There's been no thunder or lightning, so we decided to embrace it & play in the rain Wednesday!

She ran around this ball so many times & had so much fun!

"No more pictures!" She was playing peek a boo!

Stopping to get a drink.


We ended up staying out for about an hour & then she got chilly. We love this sprinkler & it's so much easier to move around than a kiddie pool which we're so done with after the past 2 summers! lol Thanks Target for this new $12 toy!

I found this picture on my camera when I uploaded the sprinkler pictures. David took this Wednesday morning before he left for work. Apparently Rylie fell asleep on her floor by her bed! lol Oh & she put on her purple Ariel shoes too before falling asleep. =)

Yesterday was PJ day at Rylie's school so this is what she wore. I put another tank under her pj shirt though since it was really thin material & she just wore regular cotton capris. All the kiddos looked so cute in their pj's at school! She also had a big milestone at school yesterday-first time to go #2 at school!! I was so proud! She's really on a roll now! It'd been difficult getting her going at home & then sending her to school twice a week & throwing her off. She likes to have her privacy when she's going potty & the little school potty is shared between 2 classrooms with several kiddos & teachers in there at once, so it was a challenge getting her to go. Glad we've finally jumped that hurdle!

Other than that, we've just been hanging out inside. It's been raining nonstop all week & supposed to continue next week as well. Rylie's 4th of July school celebration was cancelled this morning & Daddy has the day off so we're just hanging out inside. See the humidity on the window above Rylie? Yuck. At least it's brought us some cooler weather instead of our usual 100ยบ + 4th of July! Hope yall have a good & safe  Independence Day weekend!


Rosie said...

I'm so sick of this rain too. Glad ya'll made it fun!
She's so funny sleeping wherever she lands. lol.

Julee Casey said...

That sprinkler looks like a lot of fun!! So sweet of her asleep. Yuck on the humidity and rain!! Have a good weekend.

brandy said...

so much fun!! i might need one of those :)