Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Star-Spangled Weekend!

Hope you all had a fun & safe 4th of July weekend! We had a blast, so here's lots of pictures from over the weekend! On Friday we just hung around the house because it rained all day long. We took family pictures that I posted previously since we were all dressed so matchy. It was a lot cooler Friday than normal so I had to dig out some old jeans for Rylie to wear.

Saturday morning our neighborhood celebration was cancelled so we went to breakfast at IHOP & Rylie got so many compliments on her little outfit! She requested all morning pancakes, eggs, & bacon for breakfast & this girl ate her weight in all of it I swear! lol People kept complimenting what a big girl she was eating all by herself with a big girl fork & plate. David & I were ready to go for awhile but Rylie kept saying she wasn't done (even though she got her food way before us) so I think she's made up for her "not-hungry" phase she's been in lately!

David ended up cooking dinner later Saturday inside since the rain kept up so late. We had bbq brisket, sausage, potato salad, baked beans, & corn on the cob. So yum!

After dinner it'd stopped raining so we took Rylie outside to play in the sprinklers, but thought maybe our neighborhood pool was open & it was! She finally got to try out her mermaid floaty she's had for weeks now!

We didnt stay long though because it was cooler than normal, but Rylie still had fun swimming with Daddy!

Sunday David had to work at his church downtown, so we decided a few days before to join him & I got Rylie this dress on clearance at Kohls for $8! It's a little big so she'll get to wear it next year too!

After church we changed & headed out to another neighborhood's town celebration. We wanted to get there early, but it didnt start until 2pm & was super hot at that time!

We were one of the 1st ones there so luckily nobody was in the moonwalks & Rylie got to jump on her own which she loved! Then we walked over to Fuddruckers for some good 'ol American lunch-hamburgers, french fries, & apple pie! Oh wait, they dont have apple pie anymore! Grr. I was so bummed! They used to have the best apple pie! It was still super hot after lunch so we came back home & let Rylie nap.

Then we went back to the town square that evening for the firework show & met up with our friends/neighbors Laurie, Chad, & their kiddos Maggie & Jaiden! It was so crowded by this time! Luckily we didnt have to wait long for the fireworks! Rylie had been asking for these for the past 6 months-since the New Year's Eve fireworks! lol

But as soon as they started going off, she got a little spooked. I think it was all the people around us. She started crying & I had to hold her, but she calmed down & enjoyed watching them with Jaiden. As soon as they were over, we headed the long walk back to our car. Rylie wouldn't stop talking about the fireworks the entire drive home! She was so excited about finally seeing them & telling us with great excitement & hand gestures "Fireworks went BOOM! Oh wow, they so bootiful! I saw BIG fireworks!" And listing off the colors she saw. So she had to call Grandma & tell her all about them! lol

We had a really great weekend overall & David had off work Friday & today as well so we've just been spending lots of family time together & it's been a blast!


Rosie said...

Those are just the cutest little outfits you have her in. Glad ya'll had fun!

grandma said...

Love your patriotic outfits Rylie. You are so stylish! Loved hearing about the fireworks too!