Friday, July 16, 2010

Middle of the Week Mumbo Jumbo

So we've been extremely busy this week & I've lacked on blogging! Monday, Rylie & I stayed home all day & cleaned & rearranged some furniture.

Tuesday Rylie's school had "Dress like a Queen or King Day." This $6 Walmart dress was the only one I'd let her wear to school & run around & get dirty in. And I think this foam tiara came in a birthday party favor bag last year. Miraculously, the tiara lasted all day! A few other kids had some on, but the teacher said theirs broke before lunch.

Wednesday Rylie & I ended up meeting our friends/neighbors Carter & her Mommy Tiffany at our favorite Gymboree! It was Gymbuck Redemption time! The girls were so good for their Mommies too!

[Side note: When I went upstairs Wednesday morning to get Rylie up, she was already out of her bed. We keep a gate on her door so she cant leave her room though. But she was standing on her step stool at her bathroom sink brushing her own teeth. And she was fully dressed. Head to toe-she'd put on her shirt, shorts, & some socks & shoes all by herself & they were all on the right way. And she was brushing her teeth & looking at me like "oh, hey Mommy." Like it was no big deal. Of course I started crying! I couldnt believe how big she's grown!! Ok I just had to mention this for me to look back on & remember this moment!]

Rylie showing off her new purse. I wasn't going to buy her this purse when it first came out months ago because well, she only had 2 shirts from that line to match it with & I only buy her purses if #1 she has a ton of clothes to match it or #2 if the purse just matches everything. Because she really uses her purses all the time now. They're too expensive to just have sitting around her room. But she really asked for this "Nemo" purse that holds maybe 1 stick of chapstick. So thanks to Gymbucks Redemption, we got it for $6! And she's gonna use it ALL Summer no matter what she's wearing! hehe

We had some good 'ol Chuys for lunch after shopping! I cant believe miss Carter's going to be ONE in less than a month!

And yesterday, Thursday, Rylie's school had Watermelon Party day. Thankfully Gymboree had a watermelon line last Summer that I snagged for cheap at the outlet mall & ebay last month! So she had to dess for it. (Horrid picture from my cell phone!) Her teacher said she didnt like the watermelon though which doesnt surprise me. We've never had it at home.

It's been a good, but crazy week! We're getting ready for family to visit us tonight & so excited to see everyone coming! We've got a weekend full of birthday parties & swimming ahead! Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Shay said...

She is so cute. She looks like a princess even in the walmart dress :)