Saturday, July 10, 2010

Old School Saturday-My Ariel

You can barely see behind those track & field day ribbons my Ariel shirt I was wearing in this picture of me from Elementary School. "The Little Mermaid" first came out right before I turned 5 & I remember getting the VHS movie for my 5th birthday. I used to be obsessed with Ariel! I remember the daughter of my babysitter who kept me after school had an Ariel Barbie doll & it was just the neatest thing in the world! I was so excited when she'd let me play with it. I wore my Ariel outfit (pictured above) all the time! My mom even cut the pants that went with it into shorts so I could wear it longer-that's how in love I was with it! lol All I wanted in the whole world was the Ariel Barbie, I remember.

Christmas morning came later that year & I finally got my Ariel doll I wanted so badly! This is a picture of the exact same one I had that's now on ebay for $25 starting bid! (I wish I'd kept all mine!!!)

I've always had a love for mermaids since this movie. I bought Rylie her own copy of "The Little Mermaid" when it first came out on DVD a few years ago, so it was the first non-Veggie-Tale movie she watched & like her Mommy she became hooked as well! I just think it's such a special thing to be able to share part of my childhood with my daughter. It seriously just warms my heart & makes me smile when I look at Ariel toys & tshirts, thinking of things to buy for her birthday or Christmas later this year. It really does mean a lot to me. I never knew how awesome this feeling would be before I had Rylie! Thanks Ariel for remaining a special place in my heart that I now share with my daughter!

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Rosie said...

Aww that's cute. I was extremely into The little mermaid, esp. since I had red hair. I even played the little mermaid in a coronation dance at our school and wore the mermaid costume and all. Can you believe that Ariel is popular again??