Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old School Saturday-Casey & I

So I've been asked before how Casey & I met. It's a Summer story, so figured now's a good time to tell it! I met Casey when we were 9 years old-the Summer before 4th grade, so 1995. We lived in Valley Mills, a very tiny little town in Texas. Summer baseball games are a big deal there. I played every year & even when I wasn't playing a game, we were still at the fields watching! My parents were on the committee thingy so they sometimes worked the concession stands too. Well, one night me & some friends were playing around out there & we saw Casey & her parents come to watch a game (her brother was playing). We had never seen someone in a wheelchair before so we were all intrigued. lol I just went up to Casey's mom & said "What's her name?" She told me & I asked what grade she was in & she said 1st. I said ok & went on to keep playing. The rest of the Summer baseball games I saw Casey at, I hung out with them on her dad's truck. Well, that December a lady came to our school & read us a story about people with disabilities being just like everybody else & told us we'd have a new student after Christmas break. It was actually Casey! She'd been going to a special school but they decided to bring her on in the public school. Oh my gosh, all the girls fought over who got to walk Casey here & there & who got to carry her books. We all loved her! The above picture is from our 6th grade graduation! My family ended up moving away during my 7th grade year but Casey was the only friend who stayed in touch. I spent many a nights at her house playing Donkey Kong on the Super NES, sleep overs, shopping trips and hospital visits to Ft Worth, Summer water therapy swim at the Y, etc. We stayed close friends for over 10 years and she was my oldest & dearest friend.
She was maid of honor at my wedding. (I love this picture of her with me as I was getting ready. She was the only one in the room while I got ready, so it was kinda special to me.)

And she came to meet Rylie after she was born. This was the last time I saw her well. Rylie was born in October & then we were just so busy with a newborn we didnt get to see Casey. In December she emailed me to set up a lunch date & we were so excited. Then the day after Christmas she went into shock & was taken to ICU. January 5, 2008 she went into heaven.

Ya know, I just hope Rylie has a close girlfriend when she gets older the way I had Casey. Truly a very dear friend! One can only be so lucky to have that. =)

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