Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Summertime Storytime

Yesterday Rylie & I returned to our local library with friends Cady & her Mommy Courtney for storytime! Rylie was so excited to go again. I told her before bed the night before & then I checked on her in the middle of the night & she woke up, jumped up & said "Go library with Cady?!!!" lol I had to really convince her it wasnt time yet & go back to sleep!

Our girls were so excited to sing all the songs before storytime! They were definitely the most excited corner in the room! hehe

This seemed to be their favorite song-"If you're happy & you know it." Cady's doin the cute "then your face will really show it" part!

And all calmed down listening to the story!

They didnt do a craft today so we brought our girls to the main library section to read some books before we met Owen & Kendall for lunch afterwards. We're loving this Wednesday routine now & thinking of keeping it up this Fall as well. Can't beat fun indoor FREE activities with friends!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such fun! I'm thinking about taking Savannah next week. Hopefully she will sit still through it:)