Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Family Visit and Masen & Malek's 5th Birthday

Sunday morning we went to Rylie's Mimi's house to get more visit time with Granny & Aunt Lana! Rylie took some of her books over to read to them.

And Mimi had some cute little markers for her to color with

And her Gaga bought her this number puzzle awhile back. I've never seen her play it until now. Mimi holds up a card with some pictures on it, Rylie counts how many pictures are on it,  then finds the number card to match it, and puts the 2 pieces together. She's become a whiz at this!

We had a yummy KFC lunch & then had to head home for Masen & Malek's 5th birthday party!

Their party was down the road at a big fitness gym. They played kickball when we got there.

Rylie really wanted to play even though she was much younger than the other players. She tried out a kick but didnt do too good. She had fun though!

The boys had a Lego themed party! How cute are their cakes their mom made?! Dee always does a great job! Can't believe when we moved here, they were Rylie's age she is now!

Little girl here loved her some lego cupcake!

Masen & Malek opening our gifts.

Rylie  was clapping & said "Good job open presents!" hehe

It was a very busy, nonstop weekend but we had a lot of fun!

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