Monday, July 19, 2010

Lubbock Road Warriors Visit Houston!

David's Granny & Aunt Lana from Lubbock took a road trip vacation this past week & wound up in Houston! They came to visit & have dinner with us Friday night.

Rylie was so excited to show them her new Nemo bubbles she earned from going potty! Lately when she's asked for things in a store, I'll find ways for her to "earn" them or use them as bribes for good behavior! hehe

She had to show them her swingset & Gaga (Craig) joined her!

And she showed them her bouncer! (They weren't in town for long, so we packed it all in one night!)

And she showed them how she rides her bike like a big girl now! They were all excited to see her little tricks & fun stuff!

Rylie & Uncle Daniel with their shades

I worked on all this inside.....notice the cute bbq pit condiment holders??? I'm so in love with those! It was our first time to use them!

And David worked on this outside! Mmmm....grilled hamburgers & hot dogs. We had a very nice sunset going on too! It was a really fun night hanging on the patio & visiting! We're so glad they made the trip to see us & Rylie is still talking about it!

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~Shelly~ said...

What a nice visit! Rylie's hair is cute too!